elder egbert versus the belgium visa

so this is what happened.

belgium.  it’s in our mission.  i’m super stoked about it.  well i WAS super stoked about it.  that is, until we got called into the medical office.
the 4 of us, me, elder perkins, elder pande and elder walton, got a note a week ago that said, “you have a meeting with the nurses at 3:40.  please try to be on time, as we are trying to fit as many missionaries in today.”  so 3:40 came, and we waltzed our way over to the medical office.
the nurses in there were so flippin nice, it was unreal.  she told me that she needed to draw some of my blood and get another test done.  no biggie.  i mean, i hate blood, and honestly i would rather shoot myself in the foot than give blood, but i didn’t even cry…;). lol she got my blood and then the other three missionary’s blood.  then she sat us all down.
“now we also need a sample that’s similar to a drug test, to see if you have parasites, hiv, etc.,” she said.
ok it’s not that bad.  i’ve had to do urine tests before and that seemed like no big deal.  (lol sorry for the graphic thought, but it gets better).  so we all kinda calm down a little bit, and that’s when we see the 4 white bags on the counter with our names on them.
i’ve never seen a drug test bottle be in a bag, and that was my first hint at what was going on.
i started to mull things over in my brain, and right when i was about to figure it out, she let the words slip from her mouth.
“i know that you don’t really want to do this, and i don’t want to tell you to do this *nervous chuckle*, but we are going to need a stool sample from all of you…”
no. no. no.
i’ll save you the bitter details, but guys, that was the single most disgusting thing i’ve ever had to do in my whole life.
anyway, onto more important, wholesome stuff…lol
in our room/dorm/whatever you want to call it, there are six elders.  4 of us are going to paris and the other two are doing to boston, hatian-creole speaking (i know, rad right?).  anyway, the room is set up so there are three bunk beds and at the head of all the bunks, there is a 2 man closet… that doesn’t make any sense but just try to imagine it.
elder theodore, he’s the only black missionary in our zone, is, well… not the most organized person in our room… so anyway, he wears a super strong cologne.  he call’s it his “fight club scent” because it’s in a bottle that looks like a boxing glove.  it’s always sitting on top of my part of the closet.
one day, elder theo forgot to put the lid back on and, well, somehow it tipped over.  later that night, elder theo walks into our room first and says, out loud, “wow, someone smells good.”
we all looked around for the disguised aroma, and that’s when we saw his bottle.  over my closet.  leaking.  and as soon as i opened up the door, i realized something.  i was gonna smell like “fight club” for the next 6 days…
the language.  french is coming.  our branch prez told us that it is going to take about 3 or 4 weeks, but then after you have your foundation, you will grow exponentially.  it was so cool to hear him say that.
we got a couple new “investigators” this week.  one’s name is denis and the other’s is anouk.  it’ll be tough, because these guys are going harder than our first one.
i saw a bunch of kids from school this week.  first of all, good luck to elders pabst and jordan and sister wilkey and all y’all that are heading out this week!  you’re gonna slay i know it.  take the spirit with you and you can do all things.
i’ve drawn a lot closer to the spirit this week.  it’s crazy how much help you need for everything.  safety, health, learning the language and the gospel, feeling those promptings.  the spirit is real, guys.  i’ve felt it so strong this last week.
also, satan’s power is real.  i have felt that too.  if i have any advice right now for anyone struggling, it is DON’T LET SATAN GET YOU DOWN.  seriously, he is going to try everything to get you to give up.  don’t do it.  he was really working on me yesterday and i had a really cool experience after i realized it.  when you see that he’s there, get rid of him.  “get thou hence”.  honestly, please listen and don’t let him work on you.  d&c 18:10 forever i know it’s true.  you are worth something to everyone.
also, my testimony of prayers has been strengthened tenfold this week.  fast sunday at the MTC is rad.  the spirit is incredible and in our priesthood meeting, my prayers were answered several times.  all of them.  i promise that if you pray with faith and an eye single to the glory of god, believing, that you will recieve blessings.  they may not be the blessings you want, but you will recieve them.  i know it’s true.
i love you all.
i should probably plan out my emails before hand so i actually know what to say lol, but thank you all who wrote this week.  it really meant a lot and i’m so glad that i know all of you.
love you loads.
and remember,
it’s all just part of the adventure.
that adventure that we call life.
-elder egbert
 DSC00498 DSC00548 DSC00550 DSC00554 DSC00556-1
with his roomies
with elder reese
with elder jordan
elder theo and his “fight club”
two elder egberts

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