elder egbert versus the teeth

getting dropped off was hard.

seriously, you get out of the car, your heart is racing, a trillion thoughts are running through your head, you hug your family and then, wham.  you’re on your own…
a super sweet dude named elder ware took me around, helped me get my nametags and key cards.  he was so nice and made me super excited to be here:).  we swung by the dorm and dropped off my two bags, and he took me to the classroom.
lol i was having so many emotions as it was and as soon as i walked into the classroom, our instructor, frere sybrowsky, just dumped me with french all around.  man that was nuts!  he started layering me with questions and questions, and i managed to get out a quick “bonjour” before he took me aside and started asking me the basics.  “where are you from”  “where are you going”  “how old are you”, etc.  it was so beautiful but honestly the weirdest experience of my life haha.
after that, the day kinda calmed down a little bit.  and i was able to get my bearings.
the schedule here is… gonna make me fat.  you wake up, go to breakfast, head to class, go to lunch, head to class, go to dinner, head to class.  and then finally at night, you have about 45 min to excersize(? lol that’s embarrassing i can’t spell…) but we have yet to not play volleyball one day haha.  i can already feel myself getting slow.  i need to run or something.
despite the never-ending supply of it, the food is pretty awesome.  they always have fruit and veggies and i eat some at every meal *cough cough* (that one’s for my momma lol).  i really do and it’s pretty good food all the time.
on thursday, i was eating lunch, just munching on my salad (just to preface, i had been having problems with my bottom left molars.  it kinda felt like they had a cavity in them) so i was trying to eat mainly with my front teeth.  but i can’t really tell how hard i’m biting down most of the time, so anyway, just munching on my greens when i took a bite, possibly a little too big, and
i could literally hear my tooth getting smashed under the weight of my incredible jaw power;).  haha i chipped my tooth.  it was pretty embarrassing, but i ran to the bathroom, and checked it out and it wasn’t too bad.  so i just kept going with my day and now you can’t even tell that i chipped it haha.  good thing i did that lol.
on the subject of teeth, it was honestly just my luck this week.  one of my wisdom teeth holes sort of swelled up wayyy big on friday and to be honest, it freaked me out a little bit.  i took some medicine, (emergen-c has been saving my life here, literally) and hoped that it would go down, but it decided to just keep inflating.  eventually, i got onto my knees, because it was killing me, and fervently asked heavenly father if he could help me out.  i was praying for a long time.  but it went from me praying about my teeth, to me praying for my family and friends, for my fake investigator Nora, for my companion and my district.  i had an enos moment.  and when i woke up in the morning, it was gone.  no more swelling, no more pain, but i know that it was only because i lost myself in praying for everyone else.  idk if that made sense i’m kind of rambling now haha.
my companion is pretty cool.  elder perkins is his name.  he is a little bit of an introvert, but we get along okay, so its fine.
french is killing me.  it’s so flippin hard.  props to all the fluent kids out there (i.e. augustine) because i dont think i will ever get it.
but i mean, it could be worse.  i could bear my testimony about how “i am jesus christ, the resurrected daughter of god” (elder tew) or praying to the “heavenly peach” (elder wall)  so at least i haven’t hit that point yet.
i’ve seen a bunch of kids here.  i saw elder watteyne just barely.  typed my email right next to him for a sec.  i’ve seen elder von and elder baird and lots others.  i see soeur wilkey almost every day at lunch.  its so fun to see her.  it makes it just a little bit easier to be here:)
people keep saying the gift of tongues is real.  and i believe them wholeheartedly.  but tbh, it hasn’t hit me yet.  and i know, i’ve been here for a week, but we had a zone conference the other day, where the sister teaching promised everyone that if we prayed for the gift of tongues and taught another companionship, we would be helped.  so that’s what we did.  our activity was studying for 5 min and then we had to teach a couple of soeur missionaries.  they went first and i tried so hard to get it but…
nothing.  i didn’t understand one single word.
and then it was our turn.  elder perkins went first and he is pretty fluent in french as it is, so he killed it, but when it got to me i thought i would have some crazy experience when i knew what to say, but…
i sat there for a solid 10 seconds and just bore my testimony about faith, i took probably 30 seconds.
after that, i was distraught.  seriously, i was lost.  i prayed to dieu and just asked why he was doing this?  why was i so lost and struggling so hard?  i was almost brought to tears.  and then my answer came.
“you just have to work harder”
god wasn’t punishing me, even though it felt like it.  he was teaching me.  he was telling me that in order to get his help, i have to do everything i can.  for some reason i just thought that as soon as i walked into the mtc i was going to know french, but that’s exactly the worst thing to think.  the language isn’t going to come all at once, but it will come.  line upon line, precept upon precept.  word upon word, phrase upon phrase.
i know that it will come.
i just want to bear my testimony to y’all and in french if that’s ok (lol you have no choise)
je sais que c’eglise est l’eglise vrai.  je sais que jesus-christ a souffri(?) en la croix et en gethsemane pour tout la monde.  je sais que nous pouvons retourner et vivre avec dieu et jesus-christ si nous percerve(again ?) jusqu’a la fin.
et je sais ces chose au nom de jesus-christ
my french may not have made sense, but its not me that communicates with you and the investigators, it’s the spirit.
i love this gospel.  i know it is true.  and i know the only way back to god is through the atonement of jesus christ.
i love you guys.  everyone.
this may be absolutely, terribly, incredibly hard, but hey…
it’s all just part of the adventure.
-elder egbert
DSC00512 DSC00547 DSC00545 DSC00535DSC00517
elder egbert & his district
elder pande’s already forgotten girlfriend
sleep study
temple walk selfie

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