elder egbert versus the case of the missing companion

welll…. it was kind of my fault too, i guess.

every sunday, we go on a walk across the street to the temple.  i love it so much because sometimes, you just don’t wanna be in the mtc anymore.  lolz
anyway, we chilled up there for about an hour.  after a while at the temple the “sight and sound” rule with your comp gets a little blurry and you can kinda roam around the grounds, as long as you are with your zone.  so that’s what i was doing.
until everyone left.  and it was just me, elder carr (one of the zl’s) and the creole trio.  and elder perkins was nowhere in sight.  gahh.
i looked at elder carr for some leaderish advice and he just shrugged his shoulders so i assumed that i wasn’t a huge deal.  he probably just headed back with the other elders from our district so it wasn’t too bad.  we got back to spirit prison (aka the mtc [get it? because you just sit there and learn and wait until you are ready to enter paradise? lawlz]) and bumped into the rest of my district.  still no elder perkins.
it was about now when i started freaking out.  i was aloneeee… not a good thing as a missionary.  this is when i directly sought help from my zone leaders and they gave me a little advice, but nothing two extreme.  basically, it was just
“well… he’ll show up eventually.  just hop in a trio until we can find him.”


so i prayed about it.  and, well, then he walked in.  he had just been with my black friend elder theodore.  i was fuming.  but calmly i just expressed myself and then took a few deep breaths… ahh man i don’t even know how to form that into words.  i was so mad hahaha.  but jesus helped me calm down a little bit.
at the temple taht day we said bye to all the sisters in our zone.  there were five of them.  two of them are in new caladonia rn and the other three (the tiny trio lol.  just because none of them are taller than 5’2″) are in barbados.  that was awesome.  i looked up to them so much (well, not literally of course…) and i wish them good luck in their endeavors.
we get a few noobs this week and i’m so pumped to get to know them.  idk where they are headed, but it should be a good experience.
the classroom is becoming like my second home.  well, actually my first home because i’m pretty sure i’ve spent more time there than i have in my house in smithfield utah.  i learn soooo much every day.  it’s crazy how real the spirit is in those learning experiences.  i am beginning to love french.  idk why because it’s still hard as sin, but i’m picking it up and i’ll hopefully be ready enough by the time i head out.
we taught some pretty successful lessons this week to our investigators.  i really think that dénis felt the spirit in our last one.  (they’re still our teachers… lol).  teaching by the spirit is becoming so much easier now.
good luck to all those missionaries peacing out this week!  elder reese, you’re gonna kill it.  elder grimaud, you too.  i love missionary work and i’m so excited to hear your incredible experiences in the field.  #jealous #threemoreweeks #mydigestivesystemcan’ttakeitanymore
all in all, the mtc is awesome.  we get some amazing speakers on sundays and tuesdays (prez nelson came on sunday.  soooo cool) and our district is becoming more tight knit.  hopefully we can stand a few more weeks together though haha.
today we went to the temple and we headed to the cafeteria afterwards.  (s/o to elder watteyne holla).  and elder theo got soooo much food.  i’ve never seen anyone eat so much.
it’s his “eat for gains” plan hahahaha
literally, three ham and cheese omelettes, three biscuits and gravy, too much bacon, a waffle, two slices of pie, a few boiled eggs, a cinnamon roll, and a glass of some sort of substance… idk.  all together it was $17.10.  that’s so much food.. holy guacamole.
our schedule was a little out of whack today so i don’t have a TON of time, but pics will come later in the day.
man i feel lame because i have nothing to write about.  the days mesh together now and there are not really any awesome stories.  hopefully i can keep track of my companion.  but if i do that, what will i write about next week?? haha
i love you all.  thank you so much for being in my life.  i know for a fact that everyone who reads this has touched my life in a way that you don’t even know.  i appreciate everyone and i’m so glad that i have such incredible people in my life.
before i go, i wanna share just a quick scripture with you.
it’s psalm 150:
“praise ye the lord
praise god in his sanctuary.
praise him in the firmament of his power.
praise him for his might acts.
praise him according to his greatness.
praise him with the sound of a trumped.
praise him with the psaltery and harp.
praise him with the timbrel and dance:
praise him with stringed instruments and organs.
praise him upon the loud cymbals,
praise him upon the high sounding cymbals.
let everything that hath breath
praise the lord.
no matter what we do, no matter what we say, we must ALWAYS give praise to our lord.  always, always, always praise him.  praise him in everything you do.  we owe him our praise.
praise to the lord.
the adventure is thickening.
-elder egbert
celebrating Christmas early
where are we going?
loving the temple
with elder josh von
elder pratte and sister hyde
selfie at the temple

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