elder egbert versus the hairdresser

i think i’ve found my new calling in life.

idk why all of my letters have to do with hair now… but it’s fun and it makes all of the mtc stays worth it.  lol
pretty much here is what happened.  elders robinson and pratte, probz two of my favorite peeps ever, decided that they needed a haircut.  i can feel them, because my hair was getting pretty long too, but then i got it cut at the mtc barbershop (where they chastised me for having hair longer than a half inch pretty much… it was super awk).  elder theo has some clippers and we were messing around with them, when they came up with the grand idea that they were going to cut their hair.
now, i wasn’t in the room at this point, so i was lost to all of this.  but they walk out of the dorm room and say
“does anyone know how to cut hair?”
i looked up from my journal to see the entire hall quiet, just staring at them.  after about 5 awkward seconds, i raised my hand and said,

“i don’t really know how, but i’ve seen my sister do it a million times.”

welllllll….. i’ve HAD my sister do it a million times.  technically i’ve never actually watched her do it… but i thought that if i could at least practice on another missionary, sometime in the field i could cut my own hair.  i just needed to practice on someone else first.
so we went into the bathroom (on the other side of the floor so we didn’t have to deal with all that hair in OUR bathroom) and pulled out theo’s clippers.  i suited robinson up and off we went.
surprisingly enough, they didn’t look half bad.  i mean, elder pratte looks like he belongs in an english boy band now, but still… lol it was a good team building experience.  and now i can cut my own hair.
little did we know that in the ‘mtc standards’ pamphlet, it says that you aren’t supposed to cut your own hair or other missionary’s hair at the mtc.  but nobody has to know.
other than honing my inner hair stylist skillz, not a whole lot happened this week.
this morning, we celebrated augustmas.
’twas the night before augustmas and all through the room,
not a creature was stirring, not even elder theodore…
except he usually doesn’t stir in the middle of the night anyway.  just snores.  lol it was a fun time.  we pulled names out of a hat and bought each other gifts.  we put them under the baby “trap tree” (as named by elder pande) and then opened them up this morning.  we even left our stockings out last night and when we woke up, they were full of augustmas wishes and treats.  hmmm…. these are the moments that make the mtc fun:).  i love it.
this morning was the last time that i was able to go through the temple for a while…  i’m kinda bummed out, but i had a pretty cool experience.  nothing incredible, but the peace that you feel in that place is just beyond belief.  i love it there so much.  i’m excited for the paris temple to be done.  mostly i jsut hope they finish it while i’m still on the mission.
we had new greenies this week.  37.  THIRTY SEVEN new missionaries.  holy criminy.  that was a lot.  and guess who is in my zone….  elder flandro.  haha it was so fun to see him.  it’s like having a bit of home with me all the time.  lol i’m stoked about it.  we had a lot of fun the last week.  i feel bad because he really should be in ghana right now, but visa stuff and bleagh.  that just blows.  so welcome elder flandro, we love you here in provo.
i was reading in mosiah 26 this week.  such an awesome story.  talk about one of the greatest conversions of all time.  anyway, i came to verse 33:
“and it came to pass that when alma had heard these words, he wrote them down that he might have them”
i don’t know why this hit me so hard, but for some reason, i just got a huge impression that i needed to start writing down the thoughts of my heart.  whenever i got a prompting, i should write it down.  it was such a weird thought, but i decided to heed it and i started that day.  later that night, we were in our devotional review as a district (weird wording sorry) and all of the sudden, these words popped into my head:
“if you have a good attitude about life, life will have a good attitude about you.”
sooooo radom, but it was honestly exactly what i needed to hear.
but it’s so true!  if we have a good attitude about life, if we are positive, longsuffering, if we just keep on keeping on, then it will be so much easier! from what i’ve seen of my lifelong stay here at the mtc is the missionaries that have a bad attitude about the studying, or the people, or even the food, are the ones complaining about the long days and the difficulty of the work.  but on the other side of the scale, the positive missionaries, the ones that work the hardest, are the ones that have the most blessings and are the happiest.  the days move faster for those missionaries.  
more than just missionary work, this applies to regular life.  just think about it.  i promise that you will have blessings if you just try your hardest, not just to tolerate life, but to enjoy it.  you’re only here once.  make this mortal existence worth it.  
in the words of thomas s monson:
“Let us relish life as we live it, find joy in the journey, and share our love with friends and family. One day each of us will run out of tomorrows.”
never have i heard truer words.  
“life is to be enjoyed, not just endured” – gordon b hinckley
i fly out on monday, so excited to get to france.  i’ve enjoyed my time here at the mtc and i have grown so much, but i’m excited to get smashed by the french people.  i’ve never been more pumped to be humbled in my whole life.  
just remember that regardless of what happens,
regardless of how hard it seems,
it’s all just part of the adventure
keep your head up.  they sky is so much prettier anyway.
-elder egbert
some of the sky view crew
the whole district + teachers
selfie with the crew
animal ties. egbert. tew. theo
he’s tired
frère sybrowsky ftw
celebrating augustmas

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