elder egbert versus the left leg shave

we call ourselves the left leg omega.

lol that was definitely the highlight of the week.  it all started when elder pratte decided that he wanted to shave his legs.  (like i said before, sometimes the mtc gets a little too boring…).  except, since he’s a dude, he had to take the clippers to it first, and it took him about 30 minutes to shave his leg.  just one.  it was pretty funny.  and then it was 10:30, so we had to go to bed.  and he went to bed with one leg shaved.
the next morning, he woke up and said,
“this is the greatest thing i’ve ever done!”  he went on and on about how good it felt to have his leg shaved.  so elder robinson put out the challenge…
“squad goals:  the left leg shave.”
later that night, clippers were buzzing everywhere.  in the rooms, in the hallway, some kid shaved his leg in the sink… about 10 of us in all, thanks to the glorious revelation from elder pratte, now have one hairy leg.  hence, the left leg shave.
when you sit in a classroom for 11 hours every single day, you have to do something every so often to lighten the mood.  and this week, it just happened to be, well, you know…
this week was actually pretty great.  nothing super big happened but there were some pretty incredible experiences.
on the 14th, (whatever day that was), i was struggling hardcore.  i was so frustrated with our district, and with my companion, and with the language and i just wasn’t having the success that i wanted to be having that day… gah it was pretty bad.  so i prayed about it, like any missionary would do, and heavenly father told me that i should ask someone for a blessing.
that kind of  caught me off guard to be honest.  i was expecting to have a peaceful feeling or a scripture pop into my head, but that’s definitely not what happened.
later that night i had elder wall and lowry give me a blessing.  by far one of the most beautiful and perfect blessings i have ever received.  my testimony grew so much of the power of the priesthood.  the humility that elder wall had while he was blessing me was astounding.  you could tell without a doubt that he was in tune with the spirit.  man i wish every single one of you could have been there.  it was incredible.
for comp study last week, one day we took a break and went to the main building to play the piano.  i have not wanted to play so bad in my life.  i think that is why i was so antsy this week. lol.  so we went in and played for a solid hour.  while elder p was playing, i was studying some french verbs or something like that so it wasn’t like i was being lazy…  ok i was still being a bit lazy.  but i think it was needed… so i hope i didn’t break any rules.
the same day, we taught 4 lessons.  golly 4 lessons in french is hard especially when you don’t speak french.  lol we taught our two progressing investigators, dénis and anouk, and then we taught two lessons in TRC.  i don’t know what it stands for but it’s probably something like “the reality crib”.  idk why, that’s probably just what it is though.  because when you teach, it’s like reality is slapping you in the face repeatedly and saying,
“lawlz psych!  you really don’t know french at all!”
jk nah this week went a lot better than last week for TRC.  and honestly, i think it’s all because i just decided to open my mouth and say what was on my mind.  usually there are two reasons for why i don’t speak much in lessons.  one of them being the language barrier and the other being that elder p doesn’t really allow much of what i say to fly anyway.
but i just told myself to “forget it all” this week and talk as much as i could.  and it turns out, i actually know a lot more french than i thought.  the gift of tongues is real, and if you are teaching with the spirit, it’s just that much more powerful.
we got 5 new missionaries this week.  4 sisters and one elder.  they are all going to barbados except for one of the sisters is going to the st george visitors center, french speaking.  it made me think back to the trip we took to st george in june (s/o to all the exec peeps) and the french missionary we met down there.  so that’s pretty neat.
i haven’t really gotten to know any of them all that well, but they seem alright.
tomorrow we get 37 new missionaries.
that’s so many, we barely have enough room to teach them.  i’m pumped.
one thing that i really loved this week was the avocado analogy that robinson told everyone.
it goes like this.
so we are all avocados.  believe it or not, we all are.  when we are planted, we need all the stuff that plants need, like water and nutrients (kind of like scripture study and church and all those good primary answers) and the sun (well, then son, that is.  as in the son of god.).  so we continue to get those nutrients and the son and when it is time, the master of the vineyard (or orchard or whatever avocados grow in) comes around and picks us off the tree of other people’s testimonies.
he doesn’t just pick random avocados though, he waits for us to be ready all the way, not too early, not too late.
after we are picked, that’s when the guacamole stage begins.  we get peeled back until just our fruit is showing and the we are smashed and mushed and pounded over and over.
“ouch that hurts!” we may cry, but the mashing doesn’t stop.
about halfway through the mashing, the salts and seasonings are added (kind of like the tender mercies of the lord), except we don’t really realize what the salts are for yet.
finally, after all the effort of pounding us down, we are done.  it’s only until we are finished when we realize what it was all for.  but when you are done with one bowl of guacamole, you just start on another one.  you’re never not making a bowl of guacamole.
the lord gives us trials because our guacamole needs to get better.  slowly, over time, our recipe gets better and better, and we get better and better at handling the guacamole process.
and then occasionally, the lord will put someone in our life that needs to taste OUR guacamole.  after they taste ours, they may be converted for life.  all it takes is one little taste.
so share your guacamole with everyone, don’t miss a beat.
i hope y’all got as much out of that as i did.  lol it was actually really heart wrenching.
i love you all and i’m so grateful for you in my life.
thanks for everything everyone does for me.
lots of love.
let your guacamole be shared
it’s all just part of the adventure
beacoup l’amour
-elder egbert
the left leg omega
with elder christensen and the random zone
selfie with a random zone
with elder theo
the view of the temple from the classroom
district elders playing pong with the reflection on their watches
elder jace egbert and elder ryan egbert

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