elder egbert versus sore feet

soooo.... pretty much we contacted this week.

that's about it. lol

there were lots of tough times, i mean, it's hard to stay motivated
when you just walk the streets for 8 hours everyday.

but that being said, there were also lots of awesome moments. there
seriously is nothing like just walking around the streets of france,
talking, smiling, waving at people. it gives you this feeling of
confidence and that's something that's not incredibly easy to come by
when you are shoved into a very, very unknown place.

we went on transfers this week in saint dié. i gotta hang with elder
peterson, that was pretty fun. he is actually going home in two weeks.
lol that was funny. first transfer and last transfer missionaries
together... yeah anyway, i learned lots from him. he's such an awesome

that was actually a funny story, lets back it up.

friday night, we were getting ready to leave for the train station to,
you know, catch our train. from the church, it's about a 20 minute bus
ride, but elder hurd was feeling rushed for some reason, so we
actually left 45 minutes early. but, when we were about 2 bus stops
away, we hit suuuuuper heavy traffic. we were stuck within one block
for about 10 minutes. it came to the point that we asked the driver if
we could get off in the middle of the street.

she said no... lol

long story short, we missed our train. as i ran up the stairs, i
watched the train blow it's whistle and  p  u  l  l  away. it was

we had to wait another hour and change before we could catch the next
one. we got to the platform about 5 minutes early (after walking
around for a while) and found out that our train was going to be 20
minutes late. to our despair, we realized that our connecting train
(in lunéville) left only 15 minutes after our expected arrival.

i did not want to miss two trains in one day.

so i prayed.

this is why i know that heavenly father has a sense of humor. i prayed
that our train would be late and that we could get to saint dié on
time, one of the most sincere prayers that i've ever said.

when we arrived in lunéville, there were no other trains in the
station. bummed out, we walked into the lobby, to see if there was
another train which we could take to saint dié, but considering that
it was 8:30 at night, our hopes were pretty dim. when we walked in, we
saw up on the board in glowing letters,

20h13  SAINT DIÉ - EN RETARD        IND.

whatever ind. meant, I had no idea, but i was so excited. my prayers
had been answered.

well.... true they were answered, because the train was late. but, as
i later found out, ind. meant "indéfini" or undefined. so, we actually
didn't get to ride on that train. but as luck may have it, we caught
another one and made it to our destination on time.

prayers are answered. but sometimes, they definitely aren't what we
expect haha.

i have one more thing to say before you get out of my word tornado.

brethren, bros, fellow priesthood holders, the other day i was reading
jeffery r holland, and he spoke pretty bluntly to all of us. he said

"the great thing about this call to arms is that we ask not for
volunteers to fire a rifle or throw a hand grenade. No, we want
battalions who will take as their weapons “every word that proceedeth
forth from the mouth of God.” So I am looking tonight for missionaries
who will not voluntarily bind their tongues but will, with the Spirit
of the Lord and the power of their priesthood, open their mouths and
speak miracles. Such speech, the early brethren taught, would be the
means by which faith’s “mightiest works have been, and will be,

he continues

"My young friends, we need tens of thousands of more missionaries in
the months and years that lie ahead. They must come from an increased
percentage of the Aaronic Priesthood who will be ordained, active,
clean, and worthy to serve."

so everyone who will listen, i ask you to take this message and share
it with whoever it may apply to.

satan is powerful. he knows it and we know it. but most importantly,
Heavenly Father knows it. and that is why he needs us.

we are at war.

"hell's foundations quiver
at the shout of praise.
brothers, lift your voices
loud your anthems praise

onward christian soldiers
marching as to war.
with the cross of Jesus
going on before."

"From every man, young and old, who bears the priesthood, I ask for a
stronger and more devoted voice, a voice not only against evil and him
who is the personification of it, but a voice for good, a voice for
the gospel, a voice for God. Brethren of all ages, unbind your tongues
and watch your words work wonders"
-jeffery r holland

i testify that there is no greater work that can be done in this life.
so suit up, if you aren't already. you have to be all in, either on
one side or the other. now is the time to choose.

-elder egbert

tired train riders

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