elder egbert versus the super rad inspiration

right after the prayer, the thought came to me.

"we should go to reith..."

never had a prompting come so forcefully and quickly than this one. so
of course, i immediately dismissed the idea and told elder hurd,

"i don't know man, i've got nothin..."

"okay," he said, "well then let's go straight." we continued down the
road, trying to talk to everyone in our path, but nobody had time to
talk to us. everyone had work, school, etc. but i couldn't shake the
feeling that we were in the wrong place... there was somewhere else
that we needed to be.

eventually, we made our way around to lumbo's house. we stopped by and
he let us in. we were going to teach him a quick lesson, but as our
luck would have it, he was heading over to a friends house. so we
agreed to accompany him until he had to get off the bus.

long story short, we rode the bus with him, not really sure what to do
after he left. we got off the bus, bid lumbo farewell, and then stares
at each other blankly. it's so frustrating when you don't know what to
do. I looked away from elder hurd, just long enough to glance at the
bus sign.


i was amazed. i couldn't believe that we actually made it up there. i
was just about to say something when elder hurd beat me to it.

"ok, let's look at this map to decide where to go."

quickly, i said a small prayer in my heart, pleading with heavenly
father to direct us to know where to go. again, the answer was

"let's stay here. the park would be awesome."

ahh, i had never told my companion where to go before. that's why i
was relieved when he finally said,

"hmmm... what do you think?"

i knew if I missed this chance, i would never forgive myself.

"i feel like we should stay here," i responded. "let's go to the
park." elder hurd looked at me a little skeptically. last week, we
went to the park one afternoon and there was NOBODY there. so i
understood his doubt. but he complied and we walked across the street
to the park entrance.

we had walked in and talked to 2 people unsuccessfully when i saw him.

sitting on the bench next to the bocce ball court was a 30ish year old
african. he had the trace of a smile on his face but he looked
incredibly tired. never have i ever been more sure to talk to someone.
apparently elder my companion felt the same thing because he darted
over like a bullet and began a conversation with the man.

after hurd mentioned that we were missionaries for Jesus Christ, he
smiled and told us to sit down next to him on the bench. after talking
to him for a while, bryce, our new african friend, told us about how
he had prayed for an hour the night before, begging with God to help
him find the way.

i'm already rambling. sorry. but there's one thing that i know for a
fact from this experience. bryce was an answer to my prayers. and we
were an answer to his. God works in mysterious ways, and sometimes,
those ways are from a timid little 18 year old boy. he definitely
knows how to work with what he's given.

anyway, bryce agreed to be baptized in november after one of the most
incredible experiences of my life.

but yeah, other than that... our week was pretty uneventful lol. i was
able to listen to the women's conference. wow that was awesome haha.
if anyone is feeling down on yourself, go listen to that. i've never
felt more happy:).

probably the most bizarre experience that i had this week was when i
thought i saw katie corcoran. hahah it took a third glance to realize
it wasn't her. but in all honesty, that would have been flippin nuts.

speaking of look-alikes, there's a girl i'm our ward that looks
exactly like emma holland. seriously, the first time i met her it was
another one of those double take moments. her name is jessica and
she's super rad. but yeah, that's the best way i can describe her. the
french emma holland. super cool

my last thoughts this week are actually spurred from the incredible
women's conference.

sister mcconkie said "Whatever our circumstances, wherever we are
along the path toward salvation, we unite as one in our commitment to
the Savior. We sustain one another in His service." i love that

we unite as one.

it reminds me of the words sung in the debut of the soul-warming,
heart-wrenching, mind-blowing classic trilogy:

"we're all in this together,
and we know
when we stand hand in hand,
that our dreams come true."

brothers and sisters, do we not all have the same dream? the same goal
in the end? is it not what everyone is striving towards, to become
like our heavenly father? all of us are on the same path. sure, some
people are further along than others, but the fact of the matter is
that everyone is on the path.

so be kind. we are all working towards the same destination, and
nobody, save it be the LITERAL son of God, has qualified themselves
for the reward.

let's unite ourselves. bringing together all of our faults, all of our
blemishes and imperfections. as we become as one and press forward
with and eye single to His glory, we better understand His atonement,
and the rugged trail becomes a little less rough and a little more

i pray that we all can learn better to act as He acted, talk as He
talked, and love as He loved. in doing so, we bring ourselves closer
together and more steadfast in the work of our Savior.

and remember that it's all just a part of the adventure.

i love you and pray for you always.

-elder egbert
galatians 3:28


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