elder egbert versus the hol(e)y skull

i guess it was kind of weird when we found ourselves in a room full of
screaming romanians.

we have a potential investigator named puia.  he's super cool.  one
day, we were going around and visiting a lot of people, and elder hurd
called him up.  after we told him where we were, he said

"hold on!  i'm coming."

so we waited at the tram stop for about 5 minutes  and this little
romanian man practically waddles up to us and has us walk with him to
his work.  haha he was in the middle of working when he answered our
phone call.  it was super funny.  but we went with him.

he took us up to the fourth floor of this building where him and all
of his family and friends were helping paint an apartment.  there were
a lot of people.  and none of them spoke english.  but they sure as
heck spoke a million other languages.  seriously, there's no way that
romanian sounds like that.  i'm 99% sure that i heard german, some
african dialect, pig-latin, and ASL.  they were nuts.  and so crazy.

after we left the building, elder hurd and i just looked at each other
and started laughing.  it was one of the most bizarre experiences
ever.  lol

the zone leaders left this week.  they both got transferred out.  it
was super sad, but we had a fun time together.  we helped them carry
all their bags to the gare and said a quick goodbye before they got on
their separate trains.

later that day, the new missionaries came to fill in the blank spaces.
elder stanford is from calgary canada (lolz @eldermurdock) and elder
dudfield is from austrailia.  they are both super cool.  i'm pumped to
have some new homies haha.

friday, hurd and stanford went on an exchange so that we could pass
them an investigator (because he lives in their half of strasbourg...
bummer).  and so me and dudfield went and bought some missionary
necessities (aka toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, pasta, etc.
we eat a lot of pasta...).  that was a blast.  it was one of the first
times that i have journeyed into the other sector.

one morning, the four of us went to help an inactive lady move out of
her apartment.

that was... quite the experience haha.

first of all, it started off with us walking into her apartment that
was absolutely LOADED with boxes.  haha i have no idea how she had
room in her tiny apartment to fit all the stuff.  we brought it all
down (thank goodness for elevators) and loaded it into a moving truck.

one of the last things that we needed to do was take apart a table
(because there wasn't enough room in the truck lol) but we didn't have
any tools.  so all four of us were in the parking lot waiting for her
to bring her tools down from four stories up.  we were chatting,
getting to know each other, when i heard some screaming up above.

i looked up to see the less active, annie, leaning over her balcony,
waving her arms and yelling.  she is a little odd, so i didn't think
twice about it.  i brought my gaze back down to our new companions
when i felt something hit my shoulder.


to be honest, it made me jump.  i leaped backwards and looked down at
what had hit me.  guess what it was...

a screwdriver.

what the flip??  what kind of human being throws a screwdriver off of
a balcony 40 feet up? especially considering that there were four
people at the bottom of the fall.  geez, it was bizarre haha.

but other than my nearly impaled brain, this week was pretty normal.
we had lots of appointments fall.  that was pretty tough.  but we
continue to pray for our investigators.  man, it makes me so sad
sometimes.  i just want everyone to get baptized!

really quick, i just want to end with a quick thought.  i got a letter
in the mail this week, and boy was it awesome.  there were so many
thoughts that i could put in, so many wise words, but i wanted to
emphasize a couple.

d&c 128:19:  "Now, what do we hear in the gospel which we have
received? A voice of gladness! A voice of mercy from heaven; and a
voice of truth out of the earth; glad tidings for the dead; a voice of
gladness for the living and the dead; glad tidings of great joy. How
beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those that bring glad
tidings of good things, and that say unto Zion: Behold, thy God
reigneth! As the dews of Carmel, so shall the knowledge of God descend
upon them!"

remember this: "how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those
that bring glad tidings of good things"  how beautiful upon the

i read this from the letter,

"as i read these things, i thought of people who tread quietly on
their own mountains, who publish peace, have brought good tidings, who
have served with no expectation of being served in return.  for those
people who have taken off their shoes so someone else could have them,
and walked a hundred miles in the name of christ.  why?  because they
heard the VOICE OF GLADNESS...  if you listen closely enough to your
footsteps as you hike those beautiful mountains with your beautiful
feet, you may just learn a little more about how you're not the only
hiker.  everyone's a climbin' but some have fallen.  'strengthen the
feeble knees.'  lift where you stand."

i want to repeat some of that.

everyone is on their own adventure.  everyone has their own mountain
to climb.  just because we aren't exactly on the same path doesn't
mean that we can't help each other.  "everyone's a climbin', but some
have fallen".  those could be our brothers and sisters.  they could be
our neighbors.  they may even be someone we see in the grocery store.
the fact is, we never know EXACTLY what people are going through.

but someone does.

he always knows.  that is why he is able to help us perfectly.
because he knows us perfectly.  we most definitely cannot do the same
thing, but we sure can try.  "lift where you stand."  even though we
don't know everything, we know enough.  we know that everyone has
their own struggles, their own problems and challenges.

so be a friend.  be the needed smile.  be the candle in the darkness.
jesus told us, "ye are the light of the world... let your light so
shine."  remove the bushel, uncover the lighthouse.  LET your light
shine.  remember, it's a choice.  the light of christ is within, all
we need to do is show it.

i guess what i'm telling you is that no matter what,

be kind.

because it's all just a part of the adventure.

-elder egbert

lolzz the swanzz
not sure what they are but they look like dinosaurs

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