elder egbert versus “the drop”

have you ever seen the movies with the french restaurants?  you know,
with the waiters in bowties and soft accordion music playing outside
of the window.  there is a feeling in the air that you can't quite
place.  the lighting is dim, but not too dim that you can't see.
there are napkins folded into cones on all the tables and many people
are seated speaking with each other quietly, hoping not to disturb the
other guests.

well, those descriptions are fairly accurate.

monday night, we went out with jean-michel (our super rich, piano
playing investigator) to a really, really nice restaurant which sits
just underneath the cathedral of strasbourg.  as soon as we walked in,
it was like we jumped into one of those movies haha.  we took our
seats, looked out the window towards the orange-lit cathedral, and
just listened to the saxophone player on the street.  it was
marvelous.  lol

so, "gourmet" french food was checked off the bucket list this past week haha.

we had an exchange with the new strasbourg elders this week. me and
elder stanford are an unbeatable team. it was super fun and we slayed
it. there were a couple of super cool people that we talked to, but
sadly, I think my faith in the french people is dwindling... already.

I don't know if this is the way it is everywhere, but I feel like
nobody is open. you would be surprised how many people are driven off
by christ's name. it's actually really, really sad.

and then even the people that seem open find a way to leave as quick
as they can. this week was tough i'm the sense that so many people
found ways to get out of our appointments. pretty much everyone that
we were teaching, we aren't teaching anymore.

so yeah. lots of dropped investigators this week.

if anything else though, it made me realize how important the eternal
perspective really is. some of these people aren't going to accept the
gospel right now. or ever in this life, but God is a just God. and he
is going to give everyone the same opportunity to accept this message.

we even talked to this super cute family this week. it was this 40ish
year old man and his two kids who were both around my brothers age. I
don't think that, until that point, I have ever wanted anyone to hear
us so badly. I truly felt a sliver of god's love that day. it pained
me so bad when they graciously declined our offer. but I have faith
that that won't be their only chance to accept this gift we have for

when I was studying this week, I came across a few verses that really
spoke to me. in 2 nephi 4, nephi's dad just died. his brothers want to
take his life. they have just barely made it to the unknown land and
now their guide, their prophet, is gone. he was probably feeling s
little lost at that point. in fact, he says:

"o wretched man that i am! my heart sorroweth because of my flesh. I
am encompassed about by my iniquities, temptations and sins. and when
I desire to rejoice, my heart groaneth."

that sounds pretty tough. but, after his two verses of negativity, he says,

"nevertheless, i know in whole i have trusted.".

all in all, everything goes back to the savior.

"my god hath been my support. he hath led me through mine afflictions
in the wilderness. he hath filled me with his love. he hath heard my
cry by day and hath given me knowledge in the night time.

o then, if I have seen so great things, if the lord in his
condescension hath visited men in such mercy, why should my heart weep
and my soul longer in the valley of sorrow?

awake my soul! no longer droop in sin! rejoice, o my heart, and give
place no more for the enemy of my soul!"

after reading this, I realize how far how I had to go before I could
become like this. I haven't experienced ANYHING near what nephi went
through. and somehow I still have the desire to complain about my

I guess what all of this is coming to is a challenge.

I pray that we can all be like nephi. when hard times come up, it does
us no good to disregard our trials altogether. even NEPHI complained a
little bit. but only for two verses.

friends and other acquaintances, when times get hard, give yourself
two verses. express your frustrations, acknowledge that you have
trials and weaknesses. but don't ever forget the rallying battle cry:

"awake my soul!"

and remember in whom you trust. because without Him, we might as well
be on this journey alone.

he is our rod. don't let go.

-elder egbert

Strasbourg is so pretty
oh misty eyes of the mountain… lawlz
elder egbert and elder hurd channeling their inner om

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