elder egbert versus the stopwatch

i practically have no time this week.  usually, i would write my
weekly email during the week (yahoo for ipads), but this week i just
had no time/totally spaced it.  but i still want to give a spiritual

this week, we had a couple encounters with some muslims.  muslims are
great lol.  we ran into one when we were dropping by a less active
member's house.  we walked past his car, when he cried at us

"la bible! la bible! la bible!"

long story short, we talked to him for a second.  and he wanted to
bash us down as much as he could.  but simply put,

he couldn't.

what i realized that day, is that this church, regardless of the
imperfect members and leaders, is perfect.  this gospel is perfect.
there is no force on this planet that will pull it apart.  this truly
is the fullness of times and the gospel will NEVER again be taken from
the earth.

i know that god lives.  i know that him and his son, jesus christ,
stand at the head of this church.  i know they direct us through
living prophets and apostles.  i know that the book of mormon truly is
the word of god and in turn, joseph smith truly was a prophet.  i know
that these things are true because of the holy ghost, which testifies
of all things true.

and nothing can take that away from me.

thanks for everything that you all do for me.  i'm sorry if i can't
reply to everyone, #notime #missionarywerk #gofightwin #lawlz.

i love you all

-elder egbert
psalms 84:11-12

great place to play hunger games
elder egbert and his comps

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