and new hope AND the emp-fire strikes back

we are indeed on fire.

you remember how i said arras was growing underground. well, already
we've been able to see a few fruits of our labors. its quite

i don't have a ton of time today (bummer) but i did want to share a
cool experience that we had this week.

there's a family here called the sanchez family. they are flippin
awesome. they kinda remind me of the chaparro's (s/o to all my
smithfield 20th ward peeps). anyway, they invited us over for dinner,
and at the same time, they had the wife's parents come over as well.

the night started off pretty cool, they were really nice and willing
to talk to us.

anyway... to make a long story short, eventually they accepted a
return visit from us and the beginning of our new investigators took a
quick start.

believe me when i say that there are some good things cooking in this city.

anyway, i'm sorry again that i don't have a ton of time today, and i
had a lot of good things to say, but just no time to say it! i hope
everyone has a great week! it's a great time to be faithful.

-elder egbert

ps.  sorry, i meant to send out my email last week.  but i guess i
didn't.  whoops. my bad

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