attack of the angels

(this is part two in a 6 part series following the life of ry.  follow
his story as he battles through thick and thin, heat and cold, to
finally emerge from the mist, victorious⚔...

or not. it's your choice.)

the miracles didn't cease this week.

holy cow, i can't tell you how many miracles we saw this week, even if
it was just seeing elder orton up at 6:30 everyday, that was a miracle
all on its own.

we met with this guy named patrice this week.  he seems super rad.  he
was born in africa, raised in switzerland, speaks english, so he's
just got everything...  the thing was, he was contacted by
missionaries in switzerland just before he moved to strasbourg and so
they sent us his information via referral management - miracle.

also, we talked to an american chick this week ( - miracle. gotta love
american folk), and she seems really cool.  her name is rachel, and
regardless of how uninterested she is in the gospel, they always come
around.  she has a friend who just got back from his mission (if
anyone knows an elder braydon something from florida, give him a
shoutout for me) in england and that's how she knew who we were.

we were also in the library this week, walking up to the third level,
when someone came up and grabbed us from behind.  tbh, it scared me a
little bit.  but we turned around and we saw kundai standing on the
stairs behind us - miracle.  it was so cool; every time we think we
are going to see kundai, he drops right at the last minute, but the
fact that he chased us down and grabbed us from behind, that was
pretty cool.

along with all of the miracles that we saw this week, i was thinking
about the scripture d&c 84:88;

"and whoso receiveth you, there i will be also, for i will go before
your face.  i will be on your right hand and on your left, and my
spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to
bear you up."

just think about that:  christ is sending his angels to be with us all
the time.  we can't see them with our physical eyes, but when our
spiritual eyes are opened, that can change everything.

dieter f. uchtdorf said, "the universe is filled with wonders profound
and astonishing - things that can be comprehended only through
spiritual eyes.  when we CHOOSE to believe, exercise faith unto
repentance, and follow our savior, jesus christ, we open those
spiritual eyes to splendors we can scarcely imagine."

when we open up our spiritual eyes, we see more wonderful things that
we could even imagine.

however, opening our spiritual eyes is not the easiest thing in the
world.  it takes a lot of work on our part.  but once we actually DO
our part, god gives us a boost.

just remember to work hard.
be tough.
keep on keeping on.

let the angels guide you.

-elder egbert

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