elder egbert versus (insert clever title here)

we started this week out by seeing our serbs, jumer and sladjana.  and
finally, finally, they accepted to come to the church.  not come to
CHURCH, but come to THE church.

saturday came around and we were standing in front of our meeting
place. we waited there for about 7 minutes with no luck.

they weren't coming...

we were just about to leave, when we got a call from the other
strasbourg elders.

"hey, jumer and sladjana just called us and asked where you were?
they said they're inside leclerc..."

my head popped up and i looked into the supermarket that we were
standing in front of.  sure enough, at that moment, two serbians
walked out of the store, smiling and waving at us.

the lesson went wonderfully.  we thought they were going to come to
church church, but we didn't see them sunday.  maybe next week...

you see, i feel like we did a lot of stuff this week, but looking
back, i don't have a lot to talk about haha.

one thing that really touched me was on sunday during one of the
prayers.  it's funny how something so simple can have such a huge
impact.  there was a member who was giving the closing prayer, and he

"thank you, heavenly father, for all of the trials in our lives.
thank you for testing us."

i don't know why that hit me as hard as it did.  until that moment,
this week, i was praying to have all of my trials lightened.  but this
prayer made me realize that i was doing it all wrong.

we should praise our trials.  we should give thanks for them.  think
about it.  if we didn't have trials, would we improve or progress?
there would be nothing to overcome.  nothing to progress on.  it would
be a giant plateau.

in order to feel true joy, we must also feel true pain.  in order to
feel a deep happiness, we must also feel, to some extent, the depths
of despair.  one does not exist without the other.

trials are there only to help us.  when we overcome them, it only
makes us stronger.

look at trials with a different pair of eyes.  because, at least in my
opinion, they just contribute to the adventure.

-elder egbert



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