elder egbert versus la pluie

hey y'all.

i don't have loads of time today, but i still wanted to send out a
little note saying that all is well and that we are still
missionaries.  haven't gotten kicked out yet.

next week you'll get a better email.  i promise.  lawlz.

anyway, this week, it rained a lot.  which is good!  because this
region, alsace, hasn't had rain for a really, really long time.  so,
it's been good to have.  we taught more than we have the past few
weeks, that was good to have.  jumer and sladjana ALMOST came to
church, but then they called us and said that they couldn't.  bummer.
other than that, we had a pretty mellow week.  looking forward to all
the fun tymez ahead.

have a wonderful week:).

elder egbert

ps.  i almost forgot.

when in doubt - "it's all part of the adventure".

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