elder egbert versus paris part II

i'm going to try to see how many times i can get lost in paris.

the good news is, i didn't forget my passport this time (hooray for
being a real frenchie🎉🎉). the bad news, is that we might have to go

we had a pretty tight schedule on thursday, and we didn't have any
time to lose, but thanks to the terrorist attack and other silly
missionary mistakes, we weren't able to finish elder hurd's 2nd year

i've decided that i could never live in new york. or any city for that
matter... transportation is to hard to understand.

i guess we will see what has to happen with my comp haha.

this week, we had a lot of rendezvous' fall. haha i feel like i say
that every week... but this week was supposed to be the victory week.
it's elder hurd's last week on strasbourg and we were supposed to go

but nothing seemed to work out.

which is totally fine.

i realized this week, that even if we DONT teach a million lessons a
week, it doesn't mean that we are failing. it doesn't even mean that
we aren't good missionaries. it simply means that sometimes, in some
different places, people choose to exercise their agency to not accept
our message.

but no matter how sad that makes me, it's not the end. there ARE
people out there who are ready. and i'm gonna find them.

wish me luck.

other than it being suuuper cold this week, it was really awesome.
this whole missionary thing... it's wonderful haha.  i love it out
here, it's such an awesome place.

i wish i had more to say about what happened.  there were no really
huge lessons/experiences/other cool thingz that we had, but all
around, it was a cool week.

being a missionary really opens your eyes to lots of things.  there
are definitely people out there that do NOT like christianity.  and
i've seen that while being here.

i was reading in the new testament this week, and i came to a cool scripture:

"we are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed,
but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not
(2 corinthians 4:8-9)

i have seen this come to pass in my 3 short months in france.  we,
indeed, ARE troubled, perplexed, persecuted and cast down.  as members
of the church, and even as believers in christ.

but, we always have the upper hand.

the hope and joy that this gospel gives us completely outlasts the
opposites.  it's the candle in the dark.  it's the spark in the night.

no matter how troubled or cast down we are, it will never be too much.
we can overcome everything.

god has provided the path.

-elder egbert
psalms 27:1

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