elder egbert versus the fact that i can’t think of a clever subject for the week

all four of us missionaries were walking back to the bus from les
jardins des deux rives when we saw two women.  they both looked pretty
nice and they both looked like they needed the gospel (lawlz, cuz
everyone needs the gospel.)  me and orton looked at dudfield and
perkins  and said

"you guys got this one."

perkins shook his head and kept walking down the path, so after a very
short internal battle with the natural man, i turned the other
direction and walked with the aussie to contact these two mysterious

elder dudfield started a conversation with them and we talked for a
couple minutes.

"so what are you guys?  evangelist?  baptist?"

we explained how we were from the church of jesus christ and how we
were just traveling around sharing a message with everyone.

"oh that's wonderful!  we are actually jehovah's witness'."

for a little background information about jw's (or tj's in french),
they make missionary work a lot harder here in france.  haha pretty
much 90% of the people we talk to here either are athiest, catholic
(non-practicing), or they think we are tj's.  (thank goodness for the
other 10% that keep us sane haha).  but if i had a dime for every time
i heard people talking about us (the "jehovah's witnesses") on the
bus, i would have a lot of dimes...

so you can imagine that when we found out that these two wonderful
women were tj's, we were a little taken aback.  in the brief moment of
silence that followed their statement, they put on their battle armor
and began attacking almost every point of our doctrine (unsuccessfully
of course).

haha it was quite the experience.  sometimes, bible bashers really
like to focus on things that have no significance at all.  we just
smiled and nodded and when the time came we kindly bid farewell and
walked away.

that moment really made me sad.  along with lots of other things, but
especially the people that really think they are doing the right thing
by "correcting" all of the other religions.  it's like in the book of
mormon, when the peoples' hearts are so hard that literally nothing
can soften them.

and some of these peoples' hearts are like obsidian.

but god always shows his tender mercies.

a few weeks ago, we were contacting in the streets and we met this guy
named abdou.  he was in a hurry when we contacted him but he still
gave us his address.

so the first week that orton was here, we passed by his house and
looked on the sonnette just to realize that.... we didn't know his
last name.  haha so we buzzed almost all the names and then left
because nobody knew abdou.

but a couple days ago, we decided to give it one more try.  we passed
by and on the last name that we buzzed, the door opened.  so, what did
we do? we walked in.  haha and walking down the stairs was a man named

such a cool moment.  we were able to teach him a 20 minute lesson and
set up another one for this week.

really quick, i just want to share a scripture that i read this week.
it's in hebrews chapter 4.

"let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may
obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need"

i love the word 'boldly'.  come BOLDLY to the throne of grace.  we
can't just expect him to forgive us without doing anything.  we have
to approach him with confidence, confessing our sins, but also having
enough trust in ourselves as well as the savior that we have done
everything that we can.  we are promised that if we come boldly, we
will then "obtain mercy and find grace in time of need".

so always be prepared.  because this little adventure of ours never
fails to bring the unexpected.

-elder egbert

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