elder egbert versus the first real change

saying bye to elder Hurd and elder Stanford was really weird.

both of them got kicked out of the promised land (aka strasbourg) and
we got two noobs. my new comp is elder orton (who just so happens to
be elder stanford's last companion). he's super dope. we have a good
time. and we do missionary work. so it's the whole package in one!

elder dudfield' new companion is elder perkins (who just so happens to
be my mtc companion [who also just so happens to be my new district
leader {....weird}]). anyway, the strasbourg apartment is bumpin... we
have a good time.

it was quite the change, getting a new companion. he is super rad,
but, just like the rest of the mission, you learn to adjust to the
weird things.

one really cool thing that happened to us was on sunday night. we only
had about 15 minutes left in the night, we had just finished planning
for out week and we didn't just want to sit inside the apartment and
do nothing. so we went out and started contacting. after two really,
really quick rejections, we ran into this super awesome turkish lady.
we talked to her for about 15 minutes and she told us that she would
be down to come to church. so we took her number and told her that we
would call her soon. #midnightmiracles

(oh yeah, and for all you jazz fans, she knows memhet okur's mom...
that's pretty cool)

i know this is a shorter email this week, but i kinda forgot
everything that happened haha and it was just a really quick week
anyway.  but i did want to include a little morsel from my personal
studies this week.

i'm still reading the pauline epistles and he is so awesome.
honestly, one of my favorite apostles of all time.

he says:

"for God hath not given us the spirit of fear; BUT OF POWER, and of
love, and of a sound mind.

be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord,"

one thing that i've really found peace in the last few weeks, is
knowing that all of these negative feelings that i get (doubts, fears,
insufficiencies), none of them are from god.  not a single one.

the adversary really likes to get into our heads and push our buttons.
and he's good at it.  he knows exactly where to press and exactly how
hard.  obviously he's gotten good at his job.  but we must remember
that we have god on our side.  our all-knowing, all-powerful father in
heaven will never leave us alone.  there is always help where we look
for it.  whenever we ask, god is always there to give it to us.

"ask and you will receive,
knock and it will be opened unto you."

test it out.  i know it is true.

but when all else fails, remember:  it's all just a part of the adventure.

-elder egbert


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