elder egbert versus the news

i learned this week what can happen if you don't prepare for something
enough... me and soeur bell were supposed to play a musical number for
zone conference, but sometimes missionary work gets in the way of our
personal lives (bahaha lawlz) and i had about 30 minutes to practice a
really, really weird piano arrangement of "be still my soul".  i ended
up giving up trying to learn it and pretty much just played out of the

zone conference this week was flippin rad.  we had interviews with
prez and his wife.  they are both so awesome.  and they really, really
love their missionaries.

last week, president babin gave all the missionaries a challenge that,
starting on saturday the 14th, we are supposed to all find a new
investigator EVERYDAY until christmas.  that's 40 new investigators
per companionship.  whoa, man.  i'll be the first to admit that
without divine aide, that's definitely impossible haha.

probs, the most bizarre thing that happened this week was when we woke
up saturday morning to a text telling us about the terrorist attacks.
that was nuts.

we didn't really have time to process it, because we were going to
clean the church, but as soon as we got there, all four of our emails
were full of people asking us if we were okay.  and then we found out
how big it actually was.  apparently it was 3 times as big as we
initially thought it was.

the zone leaders contacted elder stanford and told him that for the
rest of the weekend we weren't allowed to leave the apartment unless
we had an appointment.  so needless to say,

this weekend was pretty boring.

but we spent it trying to make the most of our time.  cleaning,
calling, cleaning, reading scriptures, cleaning, etc.  (our apartment
still isn't clean btw...)

the attacks on paris really made me wonder this week.  i got really
sad that sometimes, people can exercise their agency in ways like
that.  and it backed up a thought that someone told me a few weeks

that not everything necessarily happens for a reason.

sure, we can always USE our experiences for our benefit and try to
learn and grow from each one of them, but i don't believe that god
puts bad things in our path on purpose.  that would be unfair to
accuse him of something like that.  the reason he "lets" bad things
happen is because otherwise, he would be infringing on our agency, and
that is something that he won't do.

my friend told me this:

"you know, if you ever run into someone who wonders why bad things
happen, and asks you why God let this happen to them.. he didn't. he
cannot control us, because of our agency,, he can only be there to
catch, and sometimes mend, the broken pieces."

god isn't always going to prevent bad things from happening.  but he
is still our loving heavenly father.  he is still there.  he still
ALWAYS loves us, regardless of the decisions that we make.  there is
no other unconditional love as perfect as his.  and he wants to do
everything he can to make sure we make it back to him.  that is why he
holds his hands beneath us.  so that when we fall, because we WILL
fall, he can catch us and piece us back together.

i have never been so sure of something in my life.  he is there.
don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

and make sure you remember,

that it's all part of the adventure.

-elder egbert

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