elder egbert versus the scrooge

do you remember hoang the quang?

i've never met someone who hates chirstmas as much as him.  i was
shocked at our ward christmas party when i heard him say

"ughhhh, i HATE christmas!".

he sat in the back of the room for the entirety of his stay at the
party just moping around.  it was so sad to witness.  even when we
invited him to have lunch with us on christmas eve, he refused saying,

"no, i have to work.  i hate christmas."

eventually, his boss called him telling him that he had been called
into work at 8 o'clock at night.  i didn't see him happier than when
he was walking out of the christmas party last week.

don't ever be like that...  haha

other than tay bumming us out, we had a pretty fun week.  our district
meeting was fun as ever, and we were able to spend some time with a

while we were at their house, we started talking to the member's
sister.  she is catholic and she was telling us about how she loves
jesus (classic african) and she asked a TON of questions about the
life after this one.  we did our best to correspond our answers with
her questions.

we found out, after a while, that her son was really sick.  he had
been sick for six years and no doctors had been able to discover
anything.  with the help of our member friend, we explained the
blessing of the priesthood and the ability that we have to bless and

and then we gave a blessing to this boy of a mere 16 years.

it was a really, really cool experience.

the blessing that we gave really made me think about the importance of
always being worthy.  always being ready to perform the task that is
at hand.  to be honest, it kinda scared me a little bit.  knowing that
at ANY time, i could be called upon to help someone in need.  at ANY
moment, i could be summoned to the battlefield.

"yea, let the cry go forth among all people: awake and arise and go
forth to meet the bridegroom.  prepare yourselves for the great day of
the lord.

watch, therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour."

(d&c 133:10-11)

this cry isn't just for priesthood holders, though.  it's more than
that.  every single one of us needs  to be prepared at all times.  we
read in d&c 50

"behold, i am jesus christ, and i come quickly."

remember:  he expects us to be ready.  not perfect, but ready.  so
hold fast to the rod!  i promise that if we do that, we will be ready
until the last minute.

i love you all!

hapee noo yere.

-elder egbert

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