elder egbert versus the self coiff

i found out this week why i should never give myself a haircut...:)

my hand slipped.  and now i have less hair on the back of my head than
i should lol.

i mean, it doesn't look that bad, but you can definitely tell that i
did it to myself.  it was one of those moments when you try to do
something way more complicated than it needs to be.  and then it
crashes hard.  nevertheless, life goes on.

this week, we got to go into paris (it probably sounds like we go to
paris all the flippin time...)  we really don't, i promise.  it was
our christmas conference with us and two other zones and we got to
hear a lot about the paris temple.

it's on schedule to finish in september of next year.  the temple
couple showed us a ton of pictures and golly jeepers the temple is
going to be incredible.  i'm so excited.  it'll probably be worth
visiting.  lawlz

christmas in strasbourg is getting pretty crazy.  people are going
hard in all of the marketplaces.  gosh, there are so many people in
this city right now.  it makes trying to catch all of our busses a
pain in the rear.

honestly, though... not a ton happened this week.  we taught some
people, we rode on some public transit, saw paris, ate some pastries,
and that's pretty much it.  haha sorry, i wish i had more to talk
about.  maybe next week will be better.

that mixed with the fact that i have no time, i'm really sorry.  i
hope you all have a wonderful week:)

love you loads.

-elder egbert

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