elder egbert versus the year of the ram

i actually don't know if it's the year of the ram or not, but one
thing i wanted to say is


it has already been quite the year, so i'm pretty stoked for the rest
of it to come.

we started this week off by meeting with our investigators jumer and
sladjana.  they are super dope, but this week their excitement seemed
to be dwindling like crazy.  it kinda was making me sad.  i want them
to stick around but by the way things were looking... who knows?

we had the chance to go to nacy for an exchange with the zone leaders
this week.  elder pumford is in nancy (for those of you have been
following the life of ry, elder pumford is probz one of my favorite
people on the planet) and so it was really fun to catch up and talk to
him for a while.  and also, it'd been a while since i had done a solid
amout of missionary work...  and that ruled as well.

me and elder shaefer started our exchange by making goals.  i pitched a goal,

"really, i just wanna get let in trackting... that's never happened before."

the first door that we knocked, there was no answer.  but the second
door opened, revealing an african lady in her mid 20's.  however, as
soon as she saw two white boys standing in the doorway, she jumped
backwards.  like, literally.  she jumped backwards out of the doorway.
(i guess we look like ghosts?).

she started laughing and walked back into the light of the hallway.
we talked for about 5 minutes and then she said to us,

"do you want something to drink?  juice, water?"

before i could even respond, elder shaefer said:

"sure!  yeah, juice would be great!". she let us come in and poured us
two batches of juice, which we gladly accepted.  elder shaefer leaned
over to me and whispered,

"see?  we got let in."

goal:  accomplished.

i am not gonna lie.  my morale has really gone down since this
transfer began six short weeks ago.  part of that is due to the work
ethic (or lack of) of my companion, part of it has to do with the fact
that it is getting a lot colder outside.  part of it is due to all of
the holidays at this time of year, but regardless, it kinda sucks.  i
hate feeling like i don't wanna work.  that's the reason why we are
here, right?  to do something with the time that we are given?

this is a problem that i really am struggling with right now.  i wish
i could tell y'all that i've found a solution, but sadly, i haven't.
i am trying, and searching, but i just don't know where else to look.
it's becoming almost too hard to bear alone.

so it's pretty cool that i DON'T have to bear it alone.

john 16:33

"these things i have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace.
in the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer;

i have overcome the world"

in him we can have peace.
we WILL have tribulation, yes, but;
let us be of good cheer, for

he has overcome the world.

what a wonderful phrase.  how incredible is it to know that we are
never alone.  #cliche i know, but think about it.

no matter how lost, how down, how low you may feel, YOU ARE NOT THE
FIRST TO FEEL THAT WAY.  jesus christ, our master, our savior, our
brother, has overcome all of it.  he has overcome the heartaches and
difficulties, he has overcome the sins and mistakes.  he has overcome
the stresses and the anxiety.  all of it, he has felt and all of it,

he has overcome.

good advice for all of us (myself included) is to remember that.  on a
day to day basis.  never forget that


not once.
not ever.

despite the war that is being waged against you every single day,
despite the battles you face;  in the midst of everything that you go
through, you have Him by your side, through thick and thin.  and that
is something that no one will ever change.

it's all just part of the adventure,
but the adventure is more fun when you have someone to share it with.

so let him share it with you.

-elder egbert

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