revenge of the sleepz

(this is part three in a 6 part series following the life of ry.
follow his story as he battles through thick and thin, heat and cold,
to finally emerge from the mist, victorious⚔...

or not. it's your choice.)

all we wanted to do was go bowling...

on pday, we had planned it all out so that we would be able to go
bowling with a couple members during the night (because it's cheaper
at nighttime).  so we taught our lessons, did our contacting, all that
jazz during the day, and at 7 o'clock, we came home, got ready to go
bowling and headed for the elevator.

just like teenage boys are, we were being a little rough with each
other in the hallway.  when the elevator showed up, however, the
roughhousing didn't stop lol.  we were shaking around the elevator to
which elder perkins shouted,

"STOP! you're going to make the elevator break down!"

it got quiet for about 2 seconds and then, in unison, me, orton, and
dudfield all started jumping up and down, trying to make perkins

suddenly, we weren't moving anymore, and the elevator door was
slightly open, revealing the inside of the elevator shaft.

the next hour and a half passed fairly quickly, even though, towards
the end, i was convinced we were going to suffocate.  but, we all made
it out alive and well!  we just didn't get to go bowling...  that was
the biggest bummer.

other than that, i'm pretty sure this week, i've been the most tired
than i've ever been on my entire mission.  i have looked forward to
10:30 more than ever before.  but still, i'll wake up in the morning
and feel like i barely closed my eyes.

however, through all the mechanical difficulties and drowsy studies,
we saw some pretty swaggy miracles.

patrice, the man who was contacted my missionaries in zurich, was able
to meet with us again.  we talked about the restoration and it was so
cool to see the gears working in his head; everything was clicking.

we also met with this man named laury.  i don't think i have ever met
with anyone more prepared to receive the gospel.  his wife is
baptized, and she and their son come to church every week.  so, of
course, eventually he was bound to meet with the missionaries.  more
on him coming next week.

he's great.

i was sooo tired this week.  i don't know what happened, but i don't
think i've ever been more tired for such an extended period of time
that i was this week.  every time we weren't doing anything, i wanted
to be sleeping.

that's always a bummer.

but one day, as i was attempting to blink away the sleepiness, i
thought about a scripture found in alma.

"therefore, this life became a probationary state; a time to prepare
to meet god; a time to prepare for that endless state which has been
spoken of by us"

linked with grandpa egbert's motto:

"you can sleep when you're dead"

it made me realize that this life is not a time to relax and take it
easy.  this life isn't SUPPOSED to be easy.  it's supposed to be the
time when we are working hard.  if we work hard now, like we are meant
to, we "will have so much the advantage in the world to come."  now is
the time to prepare.

don't procrastinate.  the day to act is now.

it's all part of the adventure
-elder egbertimage2-7

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