elder egbert versus the bouffon

elder egbert versus the bouffon

holy soup.

have you ever seen 2.5 thousand liters of soup?  i have.  once in my life.

this last weekend, st quentin hosted a huge festival called LES FETES
DU BOUFFON.  it's a medieval thing that celebrates the bouffons
(they're some sort of court jester).  so all weekend, there were
parades and festivities of every kind.  marching bands from all around
europe came and performed for the beloved bouffon parties.

one part of these "fetes" is when everyone brings their own
bowls/cups/large containers and gets soup.  i guess they did that back
in the day...

anyway, that's where we come in.  the 4 st quentin missionaries and
the elders from compiegne came in and served people soup for 2 hours.
i have never seen french people act so much like americans.  some
people came back to get 3rd and 4th helpings of this soup.  it was
pretty good, i guess:).  but serving this soup gave us a really good
opportunity to get our name out there.  now people know that we aren't
a cult.  that we actually do good in the community and we are there to
help.  yay for breaking stereotypes.

in other news, we set a baptismal date with our ami wali.  he's super
awesome.  such a faithful man, he understands things so well, and he's
already pretty well integrated in the ward.  the 11 june he'll make an
eternity-long covenant with his father in heaven.

i studied moroni 7 pretty in depth this week, and a verse that really
stuck out to me says this:
"and now my brethren, i judge these things of you because of your
peaceable walk with the children of men"

to be honest, i don't know why i stared at this verse so long.  it
isn't a verse that had very much significance for me in the past, just
because it's so short and it doesn't seem like there's a lot of meat
to it.  but if you follow the footnote on "walk" it takes you to 1
john 2:6.

"he that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even
as he walked."

it really made me wonder.  do we really walk as he walked?
or a better question,
do we really walk as he would walk, if he were in our place?

are we truly doing as christ would do?  am i doing what christ would
do?  i think we all ought to have a little self evaluation every so
often to ask ourselves these questions.  and if we find something
that's not completely in line with what christ would do, we can
"course correct" and bring ourselves back onto the path.  never forget
that he is the way back to eternal life.

let him pave the path before us

-elder egbert

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