elder egbert versus the four seasons

i thought the weather in cache valley was bad...

that's before i came to the north.

on tuesday, we woke up to blue skies and a nice warm sun.  later in
the afternoon we were able to go to a member's house (the desmedts)
and whitewash their fence. that was a lot of fun to be completely
honest haha.  he gave us two buckets of white paint and told us to go
to work lol.  but about an hour and a half in, the blue disappeared
and it started raining like crazy.  which doesn't mix well with wet
paint.  after watching the storm from the living room for about 10
minutes, frere desmedt told us that it prolly wasn't going to stop
raining anytime soon, so we ditched the idea and told him we would
come back and finish it later.

however, throughout the rest of the day, the sun came back out, which
was then interrupted by a hailstorm, which then brought the wind,
which then brought more blue skies... it was the worst.  haha

but we made it.

also, it was elder blackham's last week... in the mission field... i
just can't believe that the mission actually ends.  but he's pretty
excited. it'll be cool for him.

other than that, it was a pretty normal week.  nothing super crazy
happened; i'd call that a success.

in any case... have a good one.  until next time.

-elder egbert
district with transfer numbers

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