elder egbert versus the gracious gratitude

this week: the first time that anyone has thanked us/shown any sort of
gratitude for what we do in the street.

it was a hard morning.  harder than most to get out and get to work.
but we did, and immediately started stopping people and talking to
them about god.  just like most french people, the first two contacts
said (in effect) "no i'm not interested".  discouragement temped to
penetrate our already nearly depressed hearts (s/o to my boys, the
sons of mosiah: alma 26:27) when from across the street, a little
foreign man yelled to us

"thank you!"

that was pretty bizarre.  definitely something that's never happened
before.  but then after that, something even MORE strange....  he
crossed the street and walked over to us.

long story short, this man came up and thanked us infinitively for
what we do.  he told us that he wished there were more people like us,
sharing the good word with the whole world.  he bade us a good day and
wished us luck as he continued with his day, but what he did really
touched my heart.

so, i know this email is gonna be pretty short, but i just wanted to
give a shoutout to all the missionaries out there.  regardless of
everything, there are people out there (not of our faith) who are
grateful for what we do.  they are the believers.  they are the ones
that are trying their hardest to come unto christ and be perfected in
him.  they are searching for the truth.  i was losing hope before
this, but they are truly out there.

i wish i could say that we fixed another rdv or got his number or
baptized him there on the spot, but we did none of the above.  it was
just a quick conversation where a man trying his best thanked a couple
young boys who were trying their best.  because all in all, that's all
we can do, is try our best.

so props:).

-elder egbert

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