elder egbert versus the gypsies

i never thought i would ever find myself singing praises to the lord
with a roomful of gypsies... but alas, the surprises never cease.

on exchanges this week, i was with elder oldham in my old home of
arras.  we had a rdv with a man named titi, so we got to the church
and waited for our our buddy to arrive.  however, when he finally got
to the church, we realized that he had brought the rest of his family
along with him too.  his brother, his brother's wife, his niece and
nephew all showed up to this rendezvous.  talk about the unexpected.

it was a pretty good lesson, they were all super open (which you don't
find very often here) and it seemed to be going really well.  they
kept telling us that they were from a group called the gitan
evangelical church (i didn't know what gitan meant, but they believed
in god which was good enough for me), but clever elder oldham looked
up the definition... gitan = gypsy.  everyone hold onto your wallets.

we finished pretty quickly (not until after we sang a few hymns) and
then quickly ran around the church, making sure they didn't take
anything... sorry that's super stereotypical... and kinda mean.  but
it was true...

other than that, this week was actually a really good week.  we met a
baptist lady on the street that was pretty open to meet with us.
although, she told us we had to come to one of their saturday
services... we'll see.

arras had their consecration day on saturday.  so all the missionaries
from st quentin and amiens met up in arras for a big finding day.
tons of members showed up to help which was really awesome..  but
probably the coolest miracle was when me and elder lucas were
together.  we only had about two hours of contacting time, but in that
two hour block, we were able to find 4 new investigators.  which
doubles the number of investigators that we found when we were
actually companions...  god truly is preparing the hearts of his
children.  i see good things in the future.

i love this gospel. i love the chance that i have to be able to preach
it every day.  it truly is the greatest blessing that i have ever had
in my life.  i love the mission.  i love my savior.  IT'S ALL TRUE!  I

thank you all for your love and support.  hurrah for israel.

it's all part of the adventure.

-elder egbert

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