elder egbert versus the hailstorm

(second week in a row talking about the weather??  i'm kinda lame....)

wowowow what a week.  so much stuff happened.

first of all, blackham peaced out.  for good.  he got on the plane and
said bye to france.  it tugged at the good ol heartstrings when i saw
him say bye to everyone.  especially pascal... whew, that was a
toughie.  but then i went and picked up my new comp.  his name is
elder allred from vernal utah.  he seems pretty cool.  i'm excited to
see how everything turns out for the next few months.

on allred's second night in st quentin, we were out porting, when out
of nowhere it started raining.  usually that's no big deal, i mean,
it's the north of france.  that happens all the time.  but this time,
it only got worse.  and worse.  and worse.  and then before we knew
it, it was hailing golf balls.  i've heard stories about "golf-ball"
sized hail, and i never really believed it.  however, i can now
confirm that golf ball sized hail exists.  and it hurts like a sucker
when it hits you on the head.  the next morning, there was a fair
amount of broken windshields...

we also got to go help the family poletz with their chicken farm this
week.  and between the three of us, we collected about 1000 eggs.
that was a lot of fun.

........(what else happened this week?)...........

wali got the priesthood and was able to prepare and pass the sacrament
for the first time on sunday.  that was so cool to see.  people make
and keep covenants, and they they are blessed so much.  i'm so
grateful for that.  what a good guy.
speaking of wali: when he walked into church on sunday, the foyer was
full of people, but he walked through the door, yelled "BONJOUR", gave
me his tie so that i could tie it for him, and went and shook
everyone's hand.  hahaha i guess you just had to be there...

this week, we got to eat lunch with elder (jamison) jones' family and
pascal.  afterwards, we were sharing a quick spiritual message about
the savior, and we each took a turn to bear our testimony about how
christ helps us in our personal lives.  i came to one conclusion:
regardless of our situation or where we are at in our spiritual
progression, christ is there for us.  ranging from 53 year old pascal
to 14 year old madelyn, all of us were able to testify of the divinity
of the savior and how much he helps us in what we are going through
every single day.

what an incredible blessing.

i normally try to stay away from the hardcore exhortations, but this
week, ponder about what the savior does for you everyday.  you won't
have a shortage of answers.  because he is there.  and he loves us
more than we know.

helaman 5:12

-elder egbert
elder egbert, pascal and elder blackham
the aftermath of the hailstorm
elder allred

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