elder egbert versus the hawaiian roller coaster ride

wowowow, what a week this has been.  i literally can't begin to
explain it in words.  it's just too hard.  but here goes a try...

we were able to see our buddy wali a few times.  we saw him early in
the week, to give him a blessing, which was a super cool experience,
and then we saw him on wednesday.  during our rdv, we were talking
about the restoration and the book of mormon, and the excitement
started to fade from his face... that's never a good sign for anyone.
so we slowed down and kinda let him lead the discussion.

he explained how he didn't really understand what was in the book of
mormon and how it was hard for him to want to read it.  right then,
our member dennis jumped in and bore one of the most powerful
testimonies of the book of mormon that i've ever heard.  it was
incredible.  and almost immediately, wali's hesitation to read the
book turned into an excitement.  he loves it.  and he told us on
sunday that he's excited to meet with us again this week.

but, during the mission, it seems like every high is followed very
quickly by a low...

as a mission, we have begun to do things called "consecration days".
which is where all the missionaries from the district get together in
a city and find all the day long.  just to try to provide a little bit
of a boost to the work in the city.  it's a little frustrating,
because they are always on saturdays and saturdays seem to be the most
productive day... but when we are always out of our sector on
saturdays... idk, it's just tough.

but last week, we got lucky and the consecration day was in st
quentin.  so much preparation and so many prayers went into making
this day as best as we could.  i was pretty exhausted by the end.

saturday morning, we (the misisonaries in st quentin) got together
with the bishopric and said a prayer together kind of to "prepare" the
city to receive all these missionaries.  we prayed that we might be
able to find new people to teach and that we would be able to improve
the work here.

but as the day went on, i watched everything we planned go crumbling
before my eyes...  different things from starting super late, to our
beloved district leader trying to take over the whole thing...  it all
made me pretty frustrated.  and the cherry on top was that we didn't
find anyone to teach...

how could this have happened?  i asked myself this question so many
times throughout the day.  how is this happening?

frankly, i don't know.  i don't know why nothing seemed to work out.
i don't know why we didn't find anyone, regardless of how many prayers
were said on the matter.  i truly don't know.  but for all i know, we
could have had a million different miracles right under our nose, and
just haven't seen them yet.

i do have a testimony that god knows what's best, and that even if we
pour out our heart, we still don't always get what we want.  but we do
get what we need.  and i believe that the blessings from our work
won't come until later.

so we can wait.

-elder egbert



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