elder egbert versus the old man marathon

i don't know what it is with old french men, but they seem to soften
up a little bit around easter season.

here in st quentin, we have few people to teach, but we find more and
more every day.  well, i mean, we find people who might be interested
every day, now we just have to follow up with them lol.  however, the
majority of these interested folks are old french men.  which is
ironic, because for the most part, those are the ones that will shut
the door in your face the quickest.  but hey, i'm not complaining.

we met a really cool man named pierre (or peter if you speak
english... he made sure we understood that...).  we were walking in
the park "champs elysees" (not the real champs elysees, just a knock
off...) and we saw a very old man, limping his way along the sidewalk.
we started talking to him and he said simply "i'm 94 years old and a
convinced catholic.  you aren't going to convert me.  but you can come
over and talk".  then he gave us his address.  baby steps.

we also found a new guy named azer.  he's from "around here" (even
though he's very much an african man), but he would never tell us the
exact country.  when we met him we started talking about jesus and how
we have a message about him.  to which he replied, "well, if you're
talking about jesus, i can't refuse!"

i love africans.

when we met with him for realz the first time, however, he expressed a
lot of doubt about how he wonders if god is really there or not.  he
says with all the stuff going on (especially all of the isis/terrorism
scares lately) it's hard to believe that there is a loving god there
for us.

but as we were explaining it to him, i had the biggest realization
that i've ever had.  i truly believe that god is there.  not that i
didn't before; if i didn't, i probs wouldn't be out here.  but for the
first time, i realized just how much i wanted my friend azer to
realize that god is there and that he loves him.  i felt a sliver of
the way god feels for him, and it nearly brought tears to my eyes.  we
tried so hard to explain it to him, and he came to a small
understanding, but he's still got a long way to go.

but all that being said, i know that god lives.  i know he is not just
part of our imagination or something that we wished up, regardless of
how many french people tell me that.  i know he is there, with a body
as real as ours, waiting for us to come to him.  his arms are open and
his heart is full.  he has so many blessings in store; all we have to
do is trust him.  we need to place ourselves in his care.  we need to
hand our hearts to him.  we need to love him enough to let him love

psalm 82:6

-elder egbert

ps. lawlz happy easter🌲🐣👼🏿

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