elder egbert versus the rakist

this week, we almost got raked.

we were porting in a pretty nice neighborhood, and surprisingly,
everyone was being super nice to us.  they weren't interested, but
they were nice anyways.  one guy offered us a drink of water, another
lady talked to us about our friends for a while.  it was a pretty good

however this was not the case for the last door we knocked on.

*knock knock*

*man comes to door*

"what do you want??"

we're used to this response, so i began presenting myself and my comp.
which was cut off quickly with the man pointing to the road and saying


if i wasn't such a sass and i didn't have such a big mouth, we prolly
could've gotten out of there fine, but i was kinda sarcastic with
him... and he didn't like that.  so we turned to leave.  as we were
walking out of the gate towards the road, he started following us and
we heard him pick something up.  i looked back, and to my horror, i
saw him wielding a rake, ready to strike.

i said something along the lines of "whoa whoa, we're leaving!". but
he didn't like that either, and he started yelling at us in a very
very broken english.... it was a little pathetic.  but we got out
without any rake scars.  what a day hahaha.

other than that, we had a super busy week.  we were gone for
practically 4 days on exchanges/district meeting/interviews with
prez/other random things that we had to leave st quentin for...  it's
good to be back in the home ville though.

it's been tough to find new amis.  ever since blackham left, we've had
to drop a bunch of investigators because they just a) weren't
progressing and b) stopped answering/responding to phone calls/texts.
that's so FRUSTRATING.  i wish it was a law that everyone had to
answer their phone all the time... we would see so much more success.

but other than that, it was pretty good this week.  allred is a boss,
and we are working well.

i was reflecting a lot about my mission this week and the lessons that
i've learned... it was pretty cool to read through my journal and see
how much i've grown spiritually, mentally, socially, etc.  the mission
really is a beautiful thing.  it's like mosiah 3:19

"for the natural man is an enemy to god, and has been from the fall of
adam, and will be forever and ever, unless he yields to the enticings
of the holy spirit and putteth off the natural man, and becometh a
saint through the atonement of christ the lord..."

that's the role of the atonement.  to help us FIRST put off the
natural man, and SECOND become a saint.

i won't get too preachy, but really quick here's my little soap box:

in the book of mormon, ammon teaches us that only the penitent can put
off the natural man and understand the truthfulness of the gospel.
aka, in order to understand the gospel, we need to turn to god and
show our humility.

after we have put off the natural man, we need to then use the
resources that have been given to us "for the perfecting of the

god has given us the fullness of the gospel in this time to help us
put off the natural man and become a saint through the atonement of
jesus christ.  or, in other words: go from bad to good, and from good
to better.

the mission pushes you.  it's true.  but that is exactly why it is so
awesome.  it almost FORCES you to turn to the savior and to use his
grace to help you become stronger.  and wiser.  and better.

i know he lives and that he is our savior.  and what a blessing it is
to know that he stands at the head of this church, leading and guiding
us through the living prophets.


-elder egbert

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