elder egbert versus the rock

last week, i mentioned a man that we met on the street named pierre.
he's 94 years old and he seemed really cool.

well, can confirm, he's pretty cool.  we were able to see pierre twice
this week, and taught him about the restoration of the gospel.  he's
very, very catholic, so during the majority of our lessons, he was
just comparing his beliefs with our doctrine, but it was cool

during our second rdv with him, his son walked in and recognized us
immediately.  he said that his family had received the missionaries
some time ago, and that he really liked us; thought we were nice.  so
he sat in and listened for the rest of the lesson.

it turned out pretty well.  he told us that we were "always welcome"
and that we "touched his heart".  well, mr. pierre... thank you.

we learned that he was a resistance fighter during ww2.  he talked
about how he blew up telephone poles and how he blew up different
electrical boxes and how he blew up other german properties.  (he blew
up a lot of stuff).  cool stories.

other than that, it was a pretty mellow week.  we knocked on
practically every door in a little village off the east side of st
quentin called rouvroy.  and every single one slammed shut in our
faces:).  it was a long day haha.  but god's preparing the hearts
somewhere... just not there.

general conference was so awesome to watch.  i love hearing our
beloved prophet and apostles speak to us about all the different
topics.  they really outdid themselves this time.  i found so many
answers that i had been searching for and... wow, the spirit is a
wonderful thing.  i have also never been more sure in my entire life
that jesus truly is the christ and that through him, we will be saved.
but, like pres uchtdorf said, it's conditional on our choice.  we have
to TURN and GO to him.  we have to show him that we are willing to be
saved.  what a wonderful promise.

so turn on; show christ that we are willing to be saved.  i hope that
one day, i will be able to fall at his feet and worship him for who he
truly is.

the son of god.

-elder egbert


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