elder egbert versus the slice of brazil

first of all, s/o to my homie em degn, just because she's in brazil
right now.  and that's pretty much where this story takes place...

this week, me and blackham took a morning/early afternoon to take a
trip southeast to the city of laon.  it's one of the oldest cities in
france (suuper medieval.  it was dope) to pass by a bunch of less
active families, etc.  as we were there, walking through the old,
cobblestoned streets, we heard a very non-french person start yelling
at us.  however, it wasn't the normal, drunk muslim voice, it was a
lot different.

we turned and saw a small non-french woman running toward us, yelling
at the top of her voice, "les elders, les elders!"

when she got to us, very much out of breath, she explained how excited
she was to see us and how she hadn't seen missionaries for the entire
time that she had been in france (8 years).  her name is anna paula,
she's from brazil, her dad is a bishop somewhere, and she got married
to a frenchie (i think...) and moved to laon 8 years prior.  she told
us how she missed the church so much and how she'd been looking for a
chapel with no success for a while.

naturally, we took her number and gave her ours, along with the
address of the church, and an invitation to our very belated easter
activity.  with an "i'll try to come", we parted ways.

not two days later, sitting in the church during the easter activity,
we heard the door open and looked up to behold our little brazilian
friend coming to greet us.  we were shocked.  we gave her the
invitation, but we never actually assumed that she would come.  it's
probably 45 minutes by car to get to the church from laon, but she
made the long trip anyways to come see the church.

the easter activity was a success.  other than anna, we had a bunch of
less active and non member families come.  it was awesome.

we were also able to meet with our friend willy/wali today.  he's
awesome.  when he showed up, he kept using "we" when he talked about
the church.

"so, in the church, do we believe..."  "when we get baptized..."  it
was so funny haha. he's super dope and he believes that god led him to
this church.  he met the missionaries in italy and then when he moved
to france, met them again.  high hopes for willy.

it was also cool to re-read some of the conference talks.  they really
slayed it this time around.  i love and sustain our beloved prophet
and apostles.  they are all called of god, i know it:).  watching
conference is such a blessing that we need to constantly give thanks

i really loved elder hallstrom's talk about remembering that we are
sons and daughters of god.  it's so true, though.  that knowledge
alone gives us more power than we could ever imagine.  understanding
the fact of our divine parentage gives us the hope we need every
single day of our lives.  god lives.  jesus christ lives.

may we hold fast to our faith and testimony, that we may continually
be "spiritually born of god" and "receive his image in our
countenances" (alma 5:14).

it's all just part of the adventure.

-elder egbert


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