elder egbert versus the “sorry i’m late”

i know it's been a few weeks... so here's a quick summary of the past
two weeks...

so, last week.

it started off pretty bizarre when we discovered that elder stanford
(the elder that i lived with for a month and a half and who i had just
shared lunch with) has tuberculosis.  and he got emergency transferred
to the nearest hospital.  during a phone call to us he said,

"it just sucks... i'm here, not sick or anything, i don't have any
symptoms... i just have this disease that's slowly eating me away"

so he tried to stay busy there.

lucky for us, there were 3 ap's this transfer...  nobody really knows
why, but that's just the way it was.  so the spare came up to fill in
elder stanford's spot as amiens zone leader.  lol

then the week escalated saturday afternoon when we received a call
from the other two ap's telling me that i was actually going to leave
my city in the middle of the transfer and go to a different city in
our district.  so, when we got home that night, i had about 45 minutes
to put together 2 weeks worth of stuff into a suitcase.  so, there's a
good chance that i'm returning back to arras, but we never actually
know... lol

however, the new city, saint quentin, is really awesome.  the members
here are super dope and the work is really picking up.  we have taught
and found some really cool people already.  it reminds me of the
scripture d&c 88:73 "behold, i will hasten my work in its time.". the
lord truly is hastening his work.  he is sending angels to prepare the
hearts of the children of men and he is sending his servants to
harvest them.  it's a blessing to be a part of that.

but the coolest part is that, truly, we are ALL a part of the
hastening of the work.  if i've learned one thing from my mission so
far, it's that i really didn't do enough for the missionaries before i
left.  there is so much work to be done, there is no way that the
missionaries can do it all.  the members HAVE to play a role (a big
role) or else nothing will get done.  without the members, this work
is very, very ineffective.

neil l anderson said, "we are all in this together. with fellow ward
members and missionaries, we plan and pray and help one another.
please keep the full-time missionaries in your thoughts and prayers.
trust them with your family and friends. the lord trusts them and has
called them to teach and bless those who seek him."

being a missionary has showed me how important member work is.  so
trust the missionaries with your friends.  even to all the people in
utah, there are still people out there to find and teach and baptize
and bring into the fold of god. if there weren't, there wouldn't be
missionaries there.  these young men (or young women) have been set
apart by the authority of god to teach and prepare people to make
covenants with their father in heaven.  that's not something that any
member can do.

we can't do it without members, and members can't do it without missionaries.

think of it like a movie.  if you watched a super awesome movie, you
would want to tell all of your friends about it too!  you want them to
go experience all of that awesomeness as well.  you don't have to
re-film the movie or even buy their tickets.  all you have to do is
tell them how cool it is.  and this is our movie.  but we still need a
lot more people to see it.

and here we have it again,
it's all part of the adventure.

-elder egbert

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