elder egbert versus the waters

it's true.  during the week of the baptism, everything seems to go wrong.

for those of you following the saga, you'll remember that at the
beginning of the week we spent a lot of energy trying to heal the
wounds and put out the fires caused by our buddy nelson.  i wish i
could say that he stopped after that...

but nelson was the least of our worries this week.

tuesday morning, i walked into the bathroom to take a shower and to my
surprise, there was a fair amount of water on the floor by the toilet.
i didn't really give it a second thought and mopped it up.  then,
about halfway through my shower, i hear,


and the lights go out.  at first i thought it was just the lightbulb
in the bathroom, so again, i didn't think much of it.  when i got out
of the shower, i was greeted by the same amount of water on the ground
in the exact same spot.

but in order to make a long story short, i'm going to cut most of the
details.  i went downstairs and did some research, to find out that
all the power in the apartment was out.  and it was because the drain
in our shower was broken, so instead of all the water running down
into the plumbing, it spilled onto the floor underneath the shower,
which in turn seeped through the floor and ruined the ceiling
downstairs.  luckily for us, pascal knew a handyman who was able to
come that day and fix the problem... mostly.  this week, he's going to
have to come back to fix the ceiling...

other than that, it was raining pretty much nonstop this week.  so
much that the seine in paris almost flooded.  that doesn't affect us
at all... but i mean, it's still fun to know.

saturday came around, which was supposed to be our consecration day
when all the missionaries from our district show up to help us find,
but we got a call sat morning from the zl's.

"hey guys... so we're all stuck in amiens until 2 o'clock because of
all the train strikes..."

you've gotta be kidding me.......

so our consecration day turned into the district coming for about 2
hours to go contacting in the streets.  it was definitely less than

but the day ended alright because after all the trouble, wali was able
to step into the font and be baptized.  it was such a cool experience
for everyone that showed up to support him.

the baptism and confirmation were definitely the highlights of the
week.  after everything that happened almost preventing wali to get
baptized, it made it that much sweeter to see him in the water.  what
a good guy.

i know this church is true.  i know it is.


-elder egbert
yay! wali got baptized

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