elder egbert versus “um yeah”

oh nelson...

well, let's start here.  nelson ichirante is in the bishopric.
however, he just does whatever the fetch he wants. it's to the point
that even the other bishopric members just say "oh nelson..."

anyway, one day, nelson sent us a text, asking if he could come teach
a lesoson with us.  we told him (hesitantly) that we didn't have any
lessons planned for that night, but we were just going to do some

"oh, that's totally fine!  i can just come contacting if you want me to!"

what do you say to that?

of course, we accepted his help and two hours later we met in front of
the big catholic church.

i won't complain, nelson got us three new potentials.  he is very
persistent when talking to people, but it turned out for the better
for this one.

when sunday came round, he asked us and our dmp to give him a
blessing.  we quickly offered it to him and were on our way out of the
door to head to ward council when he stopped us and talked to us about
how the work isn't going that well for about 15 minutes.  following
that, we went to ward council to listen the the bishopric chew us out
for showing up late...  it was a rough half hour haha.

but other than that this week was really good!  we were able to talk
to our ami theo and we got to give willy/wali a blessing.  the rest of
our amis are doing okay, however none of them are really progressing.

on saturday we went to amiens (pronounced: "um.... yeah") for a
finding day there.  in the afternoon i was with a 15 year old boy
named clinton.  while we were contacting, i was expecting to talk to
people with the normal french attitude.  but, for some odd reason,
every single person that we talked to (save two or three) was willing
to talk to us and give us their number!  it blew my mind.  and what
was even more; as we were walking back to the church (so i could meet
back up with my comp) we got stopped by two african men asking us if
we were the jehovah's witness'.

in the end, we were able to teach them a dope lesson and set another
rdv.  it was such a cool experience.

it made me really reflect and think about why all of those people
stopped and talked to us.  it's not like i had more faith that day
than usual.  it's not like i was better at french or with the spirit
than usual.  everything was about the same.  but i think that god
gives us days like that every once in a while.

paraphrasing gordon b hinckley, this life is like a bumpy train ride.
we will encounter lots of jolts and stops.  it won't be too
comfortable for the most part.  however, every so often, we will hit a
patch of smooth track or we will see, for a split second, a beautiful
vista outside the window.  it's these moments that make it all worth
it.  in the end, we probably won't remember every single bump.  but we
will have an easier time remembering the feelings of comfort and

this life is meant to be fun.  "men are that they might have joy". god
didn't create us to be miserable.  he created us to be happy.

-elder egbert

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