elder egbert versus week forty something

holy cow i don't even know what happened this week... i feel like it
went by so fast, but at the same time, it feels like forever since i
wrote one of these emails....... don't ask me... i don't know what
time is anymore.  #classicmissionary

this week was pretty good though.  wali is stoked for his baptism this
week.  we had a little bit of drama with a member of the bishopric who
wants to take control of everything... but all that got figured out
thanks to my best buddy handbook 2: administering to the church.  we
all need to remember our place, and do our own work *cough cough*...

but otherwise, everything is going well!  the sisters are finding tons
of success.  we are finding almost as much, but you can't really
compete with the sisters... all that to say that st quentin is picking
up and there's lots of good things in store here.

a couple other fun bits of info:
elder blackham goes home in two weeks... #trunkymonkey
we went to amiens for their cons day and found a super dope frenchie.
wali's getting baptized. #nigerianpower
pascal gave me a pretty chouette snowglobe.  #punspunspuns
we finally got ahold of claude theot... #thismanneverwantstotalktous
i got to use pascal's secret pizza dough recipe.  #bonjournopizza4dayz

vous etes tous minions.  personne ne peut vous dire autrement.
lawlz i hope you all have a good week.

-elder egbert
making pizza with pascal

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