elder egbert versus the exploding railroad

just to simplify the level of insanity that accompanied this week,
imma take it day by day.

monday: we went to compiegne with pascal.  saw the castle where they
film merlin.  saw napoleon's palace.  ate some ice cream (note to
reader: framboise and mangue - not a good combination for soft serve
ice cream).
tuesday: we went into paris for elder allred's legality.  i got to go
contacting in paris for a few hours.  hahaha lolz.  i could write a
whole email just about what happened there.  anyway, afterwards, i
went and got allred, we went to the gare, hopped on our train (which
was about 1,689,340 degrees celsius with 6,000% humidity and smelled
like feet).  our train left the station, but about two minutes in, it
just stopped.  and so we sat there... and waited.  and after a solid
half hour, they came over the megaphone and said,
"yeah so.... there's been an electric explosion on the railroad...
well... that's at least what we think it is... please be patient."
to make a long story short, we sat on this super hot, super sweaty
train for about 2 hours before they finally let us get off the train
and go back to the gare.
so we had to stay the night with the paris zl's (@waltinator @PlanMan)
and the mantes and lille elders.  blah blah blah... lots of other
stuff happened... but that's not all that interesting.
wednesday: we got our train back home (finally), got clean, went and
did missionary work.  yay
thursday: thursday was the TJ day.  we found a couple new amis.
friday: you don't actually care what i did every day of the week...
haha lol sorry i'm almost done.
saturday: we were in amiens for their consecration day.  i got to
spend an entire morning in amiens nord.  #wootwoot.  i like amiens.
it's a good place.
sunday: this was definitely the highlight of the week.  so, we show up
to church, not expecting to have any amis there (because lol they're
all on vacation), but to our delightful surprise, gaetan was standing
in his normal spot at the end of the hall, waiting for his grandma.
we were able to teach him about tithing.  he's such a stud and he
understands so well.  and then during sunday school, alois (the
elder's quorum president) pulled me out of the classroom and said
"dude, this lady just showed up.  nobody knows who she is, but i guess
she wanted to come to church."
i went up and talked to "this lady".  she was really nice, so me and
pascal took her into sunday school where she then proceeded to ask
questions and learn the truth.  soeur allen took her under her wing
and led her around for the rest of church, introduced her to the
bishop, to the relief society president, to a trillion other members.
at the end of the day, she came up to me and said
"thank you for such a wonderful meeting.  i'll see you soon."

that has NEVER happened to me ever on my mission.  that's the kind of
story that you hear apostles tell.  when someone just walked into
church and wanted to find the truth.  and there you have it.  it
actually does happen.  it was such a huge testimony to me that god
really is leading people to the truth.  they can listen if they want,
but he's going to do everything he can to help them.  all it takes is
a little humility and patience.

respecting the fact that that was an incredible experience, that
doesn't happen that often.  the people that come to church don't
usually come just because.  they come because we INVITE.  members,
missionaries, everyone.  if we don't invite, nothing gets done.
REGARDLESS of what the response is, we have to invite.

"and now, my beloved son, notwithstanding their hardness, let us labor
diligently; for if we should cease to labor, we should be brought
under condemnation; for we have a labor to perform whilst in this
tabernacle of clay, that we may conquer the enemy of all
righteousness, and rest our souls in the kingdom of god."

we all are involved in this labor, whether we want to be involved or
not.  and if we don't do what we are supposed do during this lifetime,
"we should be brought under condemnation".  their souls are literally
in our hands.  as well as our own.

so please please please INVITE!  god expects you to.  and the
blessings will be incredible.  i promise.

it's all true.  i know it.

-elder egbert

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