elder egbert versus the world

be bold.  that's the lesson.  be bolder than you ever have been in
your life, and then go even further than that.

the last few months, i was kind of getting myself into a slump.  a
slump in the sense that it became really hard to find new amis,
because we simply weren't looking hard enough.  we weren't willing to
actually push people.  i found myself thinking a lot

"if they're ready, they'll listen, and there's nothing we can do about it."

that's when the zl's came over for exchanges.  and i learned a very
valuable lesson.

be bold.  we have a perfect message.  if we really, truly had enough
faith that it was true and that it can bless anyone's life regardless
of the circumstances, we wouldn't be scared to share it to anyone!
and we do!  it's all true.  so whether we are talking to the old
catholic lady or the young muslim man, they're going to have
questions.  but there is an answer to every single question.  no

me and allred started doing that this week, and we found quadruple the
amount of new investigators than we usually find.  people want us to
be bold.  it's not called CRYING repentance for a reason.  we preach
and we cry repentance.  we don't mumble something about sharing a

i had so many growing experiences this week.  holy mackerole i wish i
could tell them all.  (i need to write them down in my journal or
something.... lol).  we were teaching our new ami named alex this
week.  and he was asking all perfect questions.  everything he asked
led us right through the message of the restoration and he understood
it pretty well.  and then at the end he asked,

"so you're telling me that one day i'll have to get baptized again?"

normally, i would usually break eye contact and mumble something about
proper authority and hope that they pick it up, but this time was
different.  i sat up straighter in my chair and i looked him right in
they eyes and said

"yes.  yes that's exactly what i'm telling you."

wow, i was convinced he was going to stand up and walk out of the
church, but he said,

"alright.  well, when i get to that point i'll let you know.  in the
meantime, we can keep meeting together and i'll come to church and
read your book.... etc."

it was incredible.  and it wasn't me that did ANYTHING.  i just told
the truth.  it was god working the miracle.

i know this work is true and i'm so stoked to be right here in the
middle of the battlefield.  the lord is hastening his work!  i invite
everyone to hop on board.  i promise you want to be a part of this.

-elder egbert

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