elder egbert versus dat african lyfe

africans can be your biggest weakness on the mission.  but also your
biggest asset.

i was washing my hands in the bathroom on sunday morning, and a very
quick but fervent prayer went through my heart, begging heavenly
father to help our africans get to church.

and sure enough, as soon as i walked out of the bathroom, i saw a man
with my favorite skin tone standing next to my companion.  but wait...
he wasn't cameroonian.  or gabonais...  when i got closer, i realized
that he was, indeed, from nigeria.

his name is calvin.  and he was brought to church by dennis, one of
the other nigerians in the ward.  dennis is one of the coolest people
i know.  and he's the reason that wali got baptized.  he is the bomb.
and a super good missionary.  we were able to teach cal with wali
during sunday school, and we fixed another rdv with the both of them.
gotta love them africans.

we had another really good week.  thanks to allred, we are tearing it
up in st quentin.  the longer i'm out here, the less and less i want
to leave this place haha.  not all the areas are as good as this one.

i hope everyone has a great week and remembers how much y'all mean to
me.  thanks for everything you do.

carry on.

-elder egbert

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