elder egbert versus mordor

 don't think i've ever sweat so much in my entire life.  from about
tuesday to saturday it was hotter than hot.  and i thought i was gonna
die.  no matter how much water i drank, i always felt dehydrated haha.

we went out contacting one day for 40 minutes, and by the time we got
to the church for our rdv, the members there said,

"are you guys okay?  you don't look too good."

so we went in and looked at ourselves in the mirror.... wow.. we were
a sight to behold hahaha.

other than that we had an awesome week!  we fixed a baptismal date
with jessee, we threw down with alex and he promised to read the book
of mormon all the way through.  laurent bashed with pascal and lost.
mychael told us that he really liked coming to the church and that he
believes we were a sign from god to learn more about the church.
gustave is as old as ever.  calvin came back to church with dennis.
wali got called as a ward missionary (#stoked).  we taught jessee with
michael (a 21 year old memeber) and afterwards, he told us that we
gave him the most desire he's ever had to go on a mission.  i love
missionary work!  haha we saw a lot of cool things this week.

we had exchanges with the zone leaders in amiens on wednesday.  they
truly are the all star equipe of the whole world.  i've never seen two
missionaries have so much success with their progressing amis AND
still have time to find 8-13 new amis a week.  it's incredible.  i
don't understand it.  allred and i are trying to mirror what they are
doing, and we're not too far behind... but still.

that's pretty much it for this week.  i love this work!  it's true.  i
know it!

carry on.

-elder egbertimage6image3image2image5image1

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