elder egbert versus another week

what an awesome week!  nothing monumental happened this week, but we
saw a lot of cool things!  i'm really stoked with the work that allred
and i are accomplishing here in st quentin.  this place is pretty
flippin awesome.

as my time in this sector is coming to a close, i have been thinking a
lot about member relationships.  one of the coolest things we get to
do as missionaries is meet a LOT of members.  and become really tight
with them.  and then, one of the hardest things of being a missionary
is leaving those relationships behind.  i have made a lot of friends
during the last six months.  there are a lot of people that i really
appreciate and that i'm really going to miss, but that doesn't take
away all the fun that we had together.

i think that we really need to enjoy our blessings in the moment that
we have them.  we take a lot of things for granted and that's why when
the moments pass, we seem to miss a lot of different things.  well
guess what?  so did lot's wife.  she missed her old home.  look how
good that did her...  DON'T BE LOT'S WIFE!  enjoy the moment.  and
when the moment passes, look forward with faith.  god designed us to
be happy!  regardless of our circumstances.

 je vous aime tous!
gros bisous.
-elder egbert
the district
awesome portuguese family

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