elder egbert versus another transfer gone

Whoa sorry it’s been a reeeeealy long time.
Here’s a quick update on my life in 10 lines:
1- I got transferred again yay. I’m in the south part of Paris in a city called Antony.
2- my new comps is black. And he’s from an island. Mauritius. Has anyone ever heard of it? I hadn’t.
3- we have some awesome investigators and the ward is wonderful.
4- because of apartment complications, we have to live with the assistants lol
5- the place where we live (Le vesinet) is a beautiful town right next to the seine. Every morning we get up early to go run right next to the river. It’s breathtaking.
6- I finally saw the Eiffel Tower
7- my mission is the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me
8- I think that everyone needs to take a trip to France at some point in their life.
9- I found out the other day that Jamie daines is coming to Paris in like 2 months. What?!
10- life is good.
Guys, honestly THE mission is probably the coolest thing that i’ve ever done. I’m so so grateful for everything that has happened to me the past year. The church is true. Christ lives. His priesthood is again on the earth. What an incredible blessing.
Carry on.

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