elder egbert versus bilbo swaggins


i hate getting transferred.

after 6 months in a sector, you get really used to the people, the
investigators, the members, the city, the apartment.  but the way the
mission works is that one day, all that will be torn from your hands
and you have to deal with brand new situations.  definitely the
hardest part of the mission.

but, what do ya know?  here i am.  lille.  new place with new
investigators and new members.  new new new.

my new companion's name is bilbo.  bilbo swaggins.  he's a pretty
swaggin guy.  but he's also very... well.  yeah you get the picture.

we have one investigator.  his name is philippe and he is very very

we live in a pretty diverse part of lille.  we see a variety of colors
every single day.

i guess you could say that life is different.  but different is
good:).  i like everything that's going on right now.  i really enjoy
lille a lot!  and i'm super glad to be here.  although things aren't
really booming (yet), we're going to see a lot of really cool things
this transfer!  i love this work and i'm so happy to be a part of

carry on!

-elder egbert








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