elder egbert versus marty’s curse

I knew it. One day, Mr Reeder would be right and I would need to know what I (should have) learned in his class.

One day this week, we stopped by the church in Paris to drop off elder hein’s coat. Right before leaving, elder nagloo noticed that something was off, and after a brief investigation, we found the used bedding from the homeless man that will break into the building and sleep in the chapel. Lol, true story.

Whenever that happens, we have to search the whole building and make sure that he’s not just hiding out somewhere in a corner, and thus commenced the 10 minute search for the unknown brother. During our scour of the building, we heard somebody walk in.  It turned out to be a member from Peru. All she said was


And then started rambling on in Spanish. Haha that kinda took us by surprise. However, when we got our heads back together, we were able to figure out that she was from South America, she didn’t speak French or English, and she was looking for the church. So I whipped out my 3 years of high school Spanish and nagloo whipped out his two transfers with his Hispanic companion, and we were able to teach her and take her to the chapel in nogent, where she lives.

Marty would be proud of me.

We had a super good week, otherwise! Last week was transfer week, and so we got to go out with the new missionaries for an hour or two. I remember how exciting it was to be young in the mission with two years ahead of me. That got my blue fire going again. We said farewell to the krew. It was definitely one of the hardest goodbyes i’ve had to say during my whole mission. Those missionaries that just went home changed my life, and it was weird to see them go.

We saw a bunch of cool things while working with our amis, and a lot of them are progressing nicely. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Celestine, but we wanted to see her his week to fix a baptismal date with her. Please pray that everything goes well.

We were able to fix a baptismal date with one of our amis, Katia. She didn’t seem super solid st first, but her testimony is growing little by little. It’s pretty incredible to see. We’re still working on vanouche and Celestine. We also got a super sweet referral from the évry elders this week. His name is jessy and he is incredible! Sooo prepared. Stay tuned.

All in all, it was another good week. I can’t believe how fast they seem to be going now. It blows my mind. I love this work and I love how much I am able to learn from taking part in it.

I love you all.

Carry on!

-Elder Egbert


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