elder egbert versus the frat

It's been a party, living with 6 missionaries in our apartment, but as
soon as that doubles, it turns into a mess.

We had Christmas conferences this week, so due to that, a bunch of
brothers had to stay the night with us. For half the week, we had at
least 12 missionaries living in our apartment. Honestly truly, I
understand why the neighbors don't like us very much. I've never been
in such a crazy apartment in my life lol.

But the Christmas conference turned out super well! It was fun to see
everyone that I haven't seen for ages! Bishop Caussé, the presiding
bishop of the church, came home to Versailles so he could talk to us.
It was incredible. He told us some stories about the upcoming temple
and all the opposition that got in their way before they got their
building permit. It was pretty powerful. But it's going through and
the temple is gonna be finished in April! Super stoked for that.

We had orleans and Chartres over for exchanges this week. It was cool
to be able to chill with them for a couple days.

And of course, Christmas was a blast as well. It definitely didn't
feel like Christmas (due to the lack of snow) but it was fun in any
case. I love this season. Everyone seems to be happier than usual, and
way less stressed.

In other news, we were able to fix a baptismal date with jessy, one of
our new amis. He's so prepared, so we're excited to see what happens
with him.

This church us true and its leaders truly are inspired. Don't ever
forget it! Have a happy new year.


- Elder Egbert


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