elder egbert versus the noob squad

What a week.

I can't even count the days anymore. Everything passes so fast, and I
feel like by the end of the week, i'm always stressing out big time,
trying to remember what we did. So forgive me if I struggle to write
this email.

Let's see... first things first. We may have found an apartment, but
for the moment, we are still living in Versailles with the office
elders. The thing is, this week, three new elders came in to get
trained on their duties because three of the current office geeks are
going home. Haha so our apartment will house 9 people until transfers
on Wednesday. It's definitely not built to hold that many teenage

The work is progressing in our sector! I feel like me and nagloo
finally got it down and our vision is super unified right now. The
work is speedily moving forward and we are so stoked about everything
that's going to happen in the next few weeks. The zone is still going
through kind of a rough spot. Still working on that lol. However, this
coming transfer, we are really getting a boost with a bunch of awesome
missionaries. Super stoked for that.

The mission is incredible. I wouldn't give anything for the
experiences that i've had so far. I have grown more than I ever
thought possible. But I would say that the hardest thing about the
mission is change. And one of the hardest changes is saying bye to
people that you have grown to love. This week, so many of my favorite
people are going home. And then a few weeks after that, the rest are
leaving. There was a point on my mission when I was going through a
really rough patch, but the all star team showed up to save the day.
Stolk and Adams, Stanford, and crew are all leaving. It's gonna be
hard, because I definitely wouldn't be where i'm at today without
their help.

But change is great. And without it, we would be complacent. And
complacency is a no no.

I hope everyone has a swaggy Christmas preparation.

God bless and carry on.

- Elder Egbert


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