elder egbert versus the rundown

Wowowow what a week it has been haha.
It was definitely one of those weeks where you feel like you didn’t do anything, but sunday comes around and you look back and see how busy you actually were. Here’s a quick update.
(All of these names are going to be new… sorry I haven’t mentioned our investigators for a while…)
Caroline is progressing super well, but she still won’t come to church. Stuff always comes up health-wise and so she is never able to make it. Please pray for her. We are going to refix her date this week.
Vanouche brought a friend to church haha. She’s so cool. Her and her friend are both 18 years old, from Saint Martin and studying at the same school. They’re super down.
Célestine and Geneviève didn’t come to church either…. bummer.
Sophie and Luc are doing well, but they still aren’t married lol.
OTHER than that, we met a TON of cool people this week. Im pumped for this week!!
Nagloo and I are seeing so many cool things. This is definitely one of the best times i’ve ever had on my mission. I’m so grateful for everything that’s happening right now.
Anyway, all that to say that life is good. Things are going really well.
Have a wonderful week, and carry on.
– Elder Egbert

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