elder egbert versus the devil on the second level

There's a reason that we live an hour away from our sector.

Her name is Mme C (nicknamed "The Devil")

Right before I got to Antony, the neighbor of our old apartment (who,
apparently, had already been a pain in the rear for a while) called
the cops on the missionaries. Afterwards, the missionaries got kicked
out of the apartment, and pres told us that we had to live in
Versailles. I'm pretty sure I already told this story, but voila.

Anyway, this week, we finally got to go close that apartment for
good!! We told two days, packed everything up, gave it a deep clean
and tomorrow, it will be sold back to the agency. Thank heavens.

Other than that, this week, we went on exchanges with Alençon and the Apes.
We saw Caroline and jessy (who both have baptismal dates) and they're
still solid.
We had lunch with the Versailles krew and part of the ex-Versailles krew.
Life is good:).

I honestly love my life right now. Sure, it's still hard, but what's
life without a little resistance? I also feel like I made a lot of
progress spiritually this week (#newyearresolutionsFTW). I definitely
would recommend to everyone the hour of personal study every day. It's

Anyway, that's all for this week.

Carry on.

- Elder Egbert


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