elder egbert versus his el salvadorian companion

(THE following is an excerpt of the email sent to Mama and Papa Egbert. Enjoy)

This week was pretty good. I had a lot of spiritual "enlightenings" I
guess you could call them. I realized a lot of stuff that I need to be
doing better. I'm sure dad is aware, but I feel like the last few
months, i've been analyzing everything super close. Everything in
regard to the work. And I know I talk about how little time I have
left, but it's because every week, when I email you guys, I realized
that my pdays are very limited.... weird.

We had 3 exchanges in a row this week... never doing that again haha.
Our first was with dudfield and his blue, and then the very next
morning, we got up early to go to orleans for their finding day and to
do exchanges. That was a blast. ORLÉANS is a good place. And then the
vey next morning, we woke up early to go play bball haha and then
caught out train to get back home for our exchange with Melun.
Needless to say, I was pretty wrecked... the first thing Duncan said
to me when he saw us was "wow egbert.... you look destroyed" hahaha

It probably didn't help that I was sick either. But other than that it
was a good week.

Friday was pretty chill... not a ton happened, but then Saturday, we
were able to see a new ami kafui. Shes incredible. Back in the day,
she met with the missionaries in Évry, and had a baptismal date. After
her, we got to meet with jessy. He's so so solid. And he's pumped to
be baptized. And the members are pulling through for us.

Haha last night, we were going to the billers house (you know, the
super awesome family with the twin girls) and we were doing some
contacting right before. But like a classic Sunday night, everyone and
their dog was saying "no, I don't have time". So finally I looked over
and said "nagloo, the next guy that comes, pretend to be from El
Salvador". Well, not only was the next guy that we talked to super
interested, but he is also in the process of getting his bachelors in
Spanish lol 😂. Nagloo talked to him in a Spanish accent for like 10
minutes, and right after he said that his accent went right back to
normal hahaha. It was so flipping funny.

Mais bon...

Life is good. I love everything.

- Elder Egbert


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