elder egbert versus the monkey’s last stand

Singe is finally leaving.

After three transfers of craziness, probably one of the coolest people
i've ever met in my life is peacing out. Which is fine, I mean it had
to happen sometime, but i'm just sayin... you don't always get a comp
that cool. He's going to Strasbourg, the area where I started my
mission. That'll be fun, because I'll be able to have him visit all my
favorite people. Lolol

My new comp is going to be Elder Currie from Maine. We were in the
same zone a few transfers ago, so we aren't complete strangers. I'm
actually really excited for the next transfer! New adventures await!

But change is still hard. And it's my least favorite thing about
missionary work. It's so hard to adjust to everything thatthe mission
throws at you. But somehow we do it.

OTHER than that, we had a lot of fun this week. We got to go to ikea
to get stuff for our new apartment. (Yes it's a real thing this time).
Jessie is still on track for his baptism on Sunday. Everything is set.
The church is still true. And I love the gospel wootwoot.

Have a wonderful week, and remember:
Don't let the muggles get you down.

- Elder Egbert

Wow it's been so long since i've written an email here's some pics


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